5 Halloween Hair Ideas for any Costume

We search for 5 hairstyles that would work with the majority of Halloween costumes out there and have brought you the how-tos. If you’re looking for some inspiration or need a little guidance, follow the link and check ’em out!

1) A simple up-do/low-do -great for Disney characters, fairy, princess or anything girly

We got these instructions from Elisa Joy and all you need is a headband, put it on top of your hair while it is down, then roll and tuck the ends into the headband. Simple, simple!

2) Pin curls – Great for 40’s/50’s inspired costumes, pin-up girl, Betty Boop, flapper, Panam flight attendant or Madmen style hair

This is one of our favorite videos for pin-curls. You can also create them without the modern day technology of the curling iron by wrapping sections of hair around your fingers, coiling them to your head and securing with bobby pins. Wrap a scarf around your head, sleep on them and gently brush them out in the morning

3) Sleek High or Low Pony – this would be great for any Super Hero/Sci-Fi costume or if a hat or face paint were the focus of your look

We found the how-to for a sleek ponytail at Beauty High and you could just adapt the height of the pony to whatever suits you.

4) Crazy Curls – this is a great look to sit a little nurses hat, cat ears or headband in. Also perfect for a Marie Antoinette costume or something crazy like witch hair

We love the look above and here is the video for it. It’s a little annoying to watch because it keeps blurring in and out, but you still get the just of it

She also added: To get the afro, separate the curls with your fingers, one ringlet at a time. Do not use a brush. You can use a pick if you have one but I’ve found fingers do the trick quite well. After pulling & separating each ringlet, use your entire hands, fingers spread open, at the base of your head, to fluff from the root out. Continue separating curls until you like the look. It will get bigger over time, and fall a little.

5) Shapely Hair – this style would be great for obviously Pippi Longstockings but also any other type of hairstyle with shape, like Medusa
We found the tutorial for this look at Craftzine which you can create with some wire, wire cutters, bobby pins and elastic bands. Check it out if this is the look you’re going for

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