A Search for the Perfect Shampoo

It took me years and a lot of wasted money to realize that I have sensitive skin and can’t just slap on the newest skin care product. I don’t know why I didn’t put two and two together and realize the same applies to my scalp, but it does. So I’ve given up my drugstore shampoos and conditioners and am on a quest to find a pure line that doesn’t irritate my scalp…but still performs as well as chemical filled products…

Over the next few days I am going to test out ABBA, Surface (both vegan lines) and Schwarzkopf – Essensity line (click on the names to read my reviews so far). After switching from drugstore shampoos and conditioners, I went to Kevin Murphy, which I love, but something’s just not working for my scalp. I’ve tried a few other lines that are plant based but they either don’t clean well enough and leave build up or are too drying and leave the skin around my hairline, tight, dry and red.

I’m more concerned with shampoos at the moment since I don’t usually apply conditioners directly to the scalp and I don’t believe they are the source of my irritation. But I did buy a couple packages that had both in them so I will review them as well. Stay tuned for my thoughts on each brand… :)

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