Benefits of Egg Yolks & Whites for the Hair & Scalp

Benefits of Egg Yolks & Whites for the Hair & ScalpHome remedies are one of my favorite solutions to hair woes and eggs seem to be quite the powerful ingredient. If you’re unsure which part of the egg you should be using; egg whites or egg yolk for your hair and scalp, they’re both beneficial depending on what you want to cure. There are several benefits to using egg in your hair as they’re packed with vitamins and protein which can help cure some common hair woes.

Below, it’s explained in detail but at a quick glance, egg whites & yolks can help your hair with:

Hair Loss
Hair Growth (You may also like: How To Grow your Hair Long & Fast!)
Hair Thickness
Dandruff (You may also like: Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Cure Dandruff and if your oily hair is causing dandruff, check out: 10 Ways to Make Hair Less Greasy)

Egg yolks contain vitamin A, B, D & E while most of an eggs protein is found in the white along with some bacteria-eating enzymes. There are a lot of different recipes and suggestions on which part of the egg to use on your hair and scalp and what to mix it with but after a lot of reading, it seems to make the most sense to use the whole egg to get all the benefits it has to offer.

DO NOT USE THIS MASK IF YOUR HAIR HAS TOO MUCH PROTEIN. Not sure if it does, check out THIS ARTICLE for the warning signs. If you’ve been using a mask, deep conditioner, shampoo or conditioner with protein, you may be overdoing it and causing more harm than good.

Keep reading for a hair mask recipe and what exactly egg yolks and whites will do for your scalp and hair


-Vitamin A – found in the egg yolk; this vitamin is said to help with hair loss
-Vitamin B – found mainly in the egg yolk but some in the egg whites; there are several different groups of vitamin B found in an egg yolk, most of which increase the oxygen supply to the hair and improve circulation.
-Vitamin D – found in the egg yolk; also helps with hair loss and hair growth
-Vitamin E – found in the egg yolk; also helps with oxygen supply


-Fatty Acids – found in the egg yolk; help to make your hair shiny and prevent dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis and flaky scalp.
-Vitamin A – found in the egg yolk; helps increase sebum production which in turn helps prevent dandruff.


-Protein – found mainly in the egg whites but also in the yolk; helps make the hair thicker and the follicle stronger

Here’s an all around beneficial hair mask using egg whites & yolks:

-2 eggs
-2 Tbsp Olive Oil
-1 Tbsp Honey
-Optional ingredients: baking soda, lemon juice, yogurt

I mixed the olive oil and honey together first and warmed it in the microwave for around 30 seconds (don’t get it too warm or it will start to cook the egg when you add it). I then added the 2 eggs (both the whites and yolk) and mixed everything together really well before applying it to my scalp and hair. I left it on for about 10 – 15 minutes and then washed it out.

You can CHECK OUT MY REVIEW to find out what I liked, what I didn’t, and what I would try next time.

If you’re interested in this mask to help cure a dry scalp or dandruff, might we suggest checking out our article on Apple Cider Vinegar as a solution? We think it may help with any build up, flakes or itchiness you may have :)

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    i want to know how to apply egg whites and egg whites in hair? what is it’s benifit as well as it’s negetive result.


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