Braid How-Tos & Braid Tutorials!

We know, we do a lot of posts on braids but it’s just because they’re so GREAT and gorgeous and you really can wear them so many ways! However, not everyone knows how to braid hair and some might require a little refresher course! If this is you, then this tutorial is one you’ll want to follow. We’ve also included a few previous posts on some fun braid styles to test out your new or revised braiding skills.

How-To French Braid your own hair:

How-To French Braid your Bangs! Lauren Conrad Style

How-To Do a Fish Braid

Braided looks we Love:

Extra Fun to try out:

-How to Create an Upside down French Braid:

-How to get the Katnis Braid:

-For those confident enough, the Liv Tyler Cornrow Braid :


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