Bridal Hair Inspiration

Every bride wants their hairstyle to last on their big day. Find out some tips and tricks from a veteran hairstylist who knows bridal.
I first met Paula when I asked her to style my hair for the Yeggies. I’m a no fuss kind of gal when it comes to my hair and usually wear beachy waves regardless of the occasion. I wanted something different and a little out of my comfort zone for the Awards show and chose a style similar to this one Paula had previously created. I loved my retro waves that were fit for a bride, they stayed all night and well into the next day. Paula really knew her stuff when it came to special occasion hair, trends and how to make a style last all day. So I decided to ask her a few questions about bridal hair for this season:

What’s your absolute favorite type of wedding hairstyle to create? My absolute favorite type of wedding hairstyle is hard to pick. I feel hair should be organic and true to the bride, but i really enjoy waves. They are classic, and can be styled in so many different ways

What’s your suggestion for brides trying to decide on a hairstyle for their big day? For a bride picking a look for themselves… should always look like you on your wedding day. Personal/dress style will all play a factor, but when it comes right down to it, they should always have their own style come through. You want to look back on your pictures and see yourself! You want a look that will bring out your features!!’

What about hair accessories? Are they a do or a don’t in your books? Hair accessories in my opinion must be simple, add not take away

How much time does it typically take to create a bridal hairstyle? I like to take an hour to an hour and a half to perfect the look on the wedding day. I don’t like to be rushed, making the bride feel relaxed is so important.

In the few weddings I’ve been in, the bride has basically said we could wear our hair however we like as oppose to trying to create the same hairstyle on each bridesmaid. Is that the trend with bridal party hair lately or have I just had really relaxed brides? Most of the brides i have been lucky enough to deal with have been super chill. If the brides hair is up, the brides maids are usually asked to be styled half up, or down. Brides are giving their bridesmaids a lot more freedom, they look similar to one another but no identical!!!









Are you seeing any other trends surfacing with bridal hair lately? As for trends, 20’s great gatsby styles are very popular as are bird cage veils. I’ve seen all sorts of colors and styles of these. Its a really good way for brides to express their personal style

The morning of the wedding, what do you suggests brides do in terms of washing and product to prep their hair? Morning of the wedding….rest is most important. Gentle wash and prep with either Aveda’s Confixir Liquid Gel or Flax Seed and Aloe gel, then blow dried is amazing. They prep the hair so well with the perfect amount of hold and shine!! Prepping is so key to a long lasting upstyle.

Any tips for keeping the hair in place throughout the long day and possible extreme weather conditions? Keeping hair in place all day….prepping is key. We live in Alberta so always have a umbrella, try not to touch your style and have a good survival kit

What are the must haves for a wedding day, hair survival kit? In your survival kit always have a small can of Aveda’s Control Force hairspray. I send my brides off with a small pack of hair pins, and bobby pins. ( just in case). Also bring your lip color, and wear waterproof mascara.

What should the bride do with her hair before she goes to bed to avoid a tangled mess in the morning? This last question is subjective. If you don’t want a tangled mess, pull out all the pins and brush your hair out. Sleeping on bobby pins never makes for a comfy sleep. The wedding day and night can be exhausting, and hair can be your last thought. If the style is prepped and set right even after a sleep and brush out your hair can be re styled easily the next day. A boar bristle brush is great for brushing out curls and creating a soft flirty style in the morning before any gift opening. Add a cute head band, some Brilliant spray shine and go.

Overall I would say weddings are a magical occasion. Try to enjoy yourself and breath. A trial updo and makeup is key. You may want one thing, but after you see that style you may find you don’t want that look at all. I am blessed to be a part of such a great and memorable day!! My job rocks!!

Thanks Paula! Give Aveda Academy a call and book your appointment with her for your big day! (780) 433-7115

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