Caring for Thin or Fine Hair

Your thin, fine hair can become full and glamorous with a few simple tips. Do three main things to achieve a desirable look. First, work with your stylist to determine your hair type, and pick a sensational haircut to compliment your hair texture. Next, choose products that transform your hair into luxurious, full locks. Finally, use a few strategies to create a voluminous hairstyle. As you change your hair care routine, create an alluring, stylish hair.



Getting The Right Haircut
As you choose a new, stunning haircut, determine your hair type. If you have lots of thin hair or wavy thin hair, you might mistakenly assume that your hair texture is thick. You may have a lot of hair, but the individual hairs are thin. Choose a haircut to compliment the strengths of your hair type. Bring a photo of a hairstyle that you want to emulate with you to the salon. Take photos of people with fine hair to give your hair stylist direction and inspiration.

Hair Care Routine
As you develop your hair routine, follow a few tips to highlight the strengths of your hair type. Work with a stylist to pick a gentle hair dye to add body to your fine hair. As you wash your hair, use a gentle, volumizing shampoo. Only put conditioner on the ends. Deep conditioner helps heal damaged thin hair. As your hair can be easily weighed down, use conditioner sparingly.

Styling Your Hair
When you dry your hair, use mousse to add volume. Hair detangler is lightweight and prevents tangles, which helps make wavy, thin hair look sensational. Use a curling iron to make your hair look thicker and fuller. If you style your hair straight, blow dry your hair upside down to increase volume, and use a flat iron as needed. Use hairspray after flat ironing to seal in your straight style. When your hair is completely dry, turn your hair upside down and use hairspray to create a voluminous, glamorous style.

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