Christina Dominelli & Team for Davines “A New Colour” Launch

Before & Afters

About a month ago during WesternCanadaFashionWeek   we had watched a video on how one of our favourite product lines was going to be releasing a new line of hair colour– aptly titled “A New Colour” By Davines. The new line promotes an ammonia free permanent colour that works with covering white hair, lightening and darkening hair. In the video, Davines also presented a new colour technique called Falmboyage. This new technique essentially uses rectangular adhesive strips to randomly segregate pieces of hair and colour it on a more “natural selective level” rather than using foil for manual selection. Click the highlighted links for further information.  After watching in amazement the before and after results from the New Colour & Falmboyage presentation, I had fallen in love with the new line!

I was later asked to be an “under cover model” for an up coming launch of the new Davines line.  I earnestly agreed and was to meet with a stylist the following week. My appointment was at Grateful Head on Jasper Avenue, where I met with the creative director Christina Dominelli, James Abu-Ulba, Vicki Frame and their team. I believe that from the moment all the “models” sat in the chair Christina’s vision came to fruition and they got started!  The team took 3 models plus one under cover model (me:) from the average blonde haired gals next door to 4 different women with stunning colours and complimentary styles. A lot of hair had fallen but the outcome of the styles and the amazing colours from “A New Colour” turned out just as Dominelli envisioned. Congrats to Christina Dominelli and her team on showcaseing  this products flawless attributes, and to Davines on CREATING this magnificent “NEW COLOUR”!

-Before the transformation:

Photos During the Transformation

Transformation: Christina Dominelli Launch

Our New Looks:

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