DIY Dip Dye

I was recently intrigued by the dip dye trend that Lauren Conrad and a few other celebs had been sporting and thought it could be fun to try out. I found a tutorial on it and figured it couldn’t be that hard. I wasn’t quite sure if I had the guts to do it myself so I ran the idea past my trendy little cousin and her mom; surprisingly they were so wonderful to give me permission to test it out. So I decided to try a DIY dip dye kit. I figured that it would only be the tips of her hair that I dye and if it turned out not as attractive as we planned then she could just cut her ends off. Plus! I’ve dyed my hair more than enough times and was pretty confident the dip dye kit wouldn’t be so hard. Get the steps and tool list after the jump.


hair colors
dixi cups to mix colors
application brush
clips to keep the hair you don’t want dyed, out of the way
(I used a brand called Splat which came with the bleach, colors and application tools I needed)


I started out by picking up a box dye from Shoppers Drug Mart with three different colours, Red, Purple and Blue for $18.00 a box. It includes the bleach kit, hair cap, three colours and brush applicator.


Mix your colors in the dixi cups and set the hair cap aside (I did not use it for this method).


I tried what I thought I learned from my hair dressers; the over under weaving technique of picking the hair to dye. I bleached parts of the hair and put them up in tinfoil. I let it process for 20 min and washed out the bleach.


I then applied the red and purple colour to the bleached tips and put it back in tinfoil to process. I kept them in for 20 min and then rinsed out, shampoo, condition and blow dry.

The end result: As you can see from the pics my technique wasn’t so helpful and the bleached ends turned out a little crooked. However! my cousin, her parents and myself really liked the colour and once her hair was dry it fell quite nicely over the red tips. Her hair in a pony tail was super cute too!!

It took about an hour and half for the end result and with all the hassle, messy product and lack of hair dying technique I would definitely suggest having this done by a professional. I know it would have been a lot more of a dip dyed look then just an ends
dyed look. But she looked great non the less :)

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