Egg & Olive Oil Mask Review

Meh. I followed the recipe of egg, olive oil and honey found here and had plenty of mask to cover my long hair and scalp. To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with what it did to my hair but I did find it moisturizing for my scalp – so it seems like it would be a good one for those suffering from dandruff.

My hair felt a little heavy/weighed down after the treatment and I didn’t have that silky feeling I like to get from masks. Perhaps I didn’t get all of the olive oil out but I did shampoo twice – which would normally leave my scalp feeling dry but like I mentioned, it felt great after this treatment.

I would probably use this homemade mask again but try the following:
cut the recipe in half: there was more than enough and I didn’t find much benefit to my ends, more so on my scalp so next time I would just focus on putting the mask there.
skip the olive oil: I know some people see great results with it but it just seems to stick to my hair and make me look like I haven’t washed it in days. My hair is fairly coarse so that could be the cause. If your hair follicles are more smooth, it may rinse off better.
try avocado instead: I think it would be a good substitute to add in some hydrating oils without the heaviness olive oil gives you.
be careful of the protein: something to be aware of when it comes to hair masks or deep conditioners that contain protein (such as the protein in this recipe or if you use Greek yogurt in a mask), you can overdo it with the stuff. Too much protein can be just as damaging to your hair as too little, causing dry, brittle strands that snap off easily. You have to find the right balance between protein and moisture. Check out my article on how I was unknowingly adding too much protein to my hair and what you should watch for when it comes to protein.

The egg does have so many vitamins, I’m sure it would be a good once a month treatment to keep your scalp moisturized and the skin happy so it can grow some beautiful hair :)

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