Feature Salon Look of the Week: Fishtail Crown Braid

We love showcasing the work of local salons on Mane Dish and thought it would be fun to feature certain looks sent to us throughout the week and have the stylist answer some questions about the look.

The Fishtail braid is so much fun and can be worn on any occasion and in different variations. So we asked Patricia from Celebrity Hair to give us the “Coles notes” on her amazing look…

Q: Honestly how long did it take to create this gorgeous braid?
A: Probably a whole 10mins.

Q:Would you have to be extremely skilled at braiding or can someone with average braid skills re create this look ? if possible would you have suggestions on how to?
A: If you can fishtail braid, your in luck and can create this look! It’s three loosened fishtails braids then all braided into one. I pulled out some extra bits and pinned them into place. To finish up I wrapped hair around the elastic that holds the style together.

Q: What type of Braid is this called?
A: Im not sure haha I just played around and created this.

Q: What is your favourite braid style to create?
A: I’m really a fan of all braid styles. With so much to choose from its hard to pick one but I’d say crown braids and fishtails are up on my list.


How-To Do a Fish Braid

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