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Amy – who just had her hair colored
from blonde to red by Sheila

We’re not going to lie, we had some preconceived notions about visiting apprentices in salons. But Amy from Maxim was kind enough to educate us on exactly what it means to hold the title and proved to us, not only with her words but with pictures too, that just because you’re saving on price, doesn’t mean you’re skipping out on quality. We found it really interesting that a lot of stylists skip the “apprentice” section in their career to avoid the title and wage cuts that can come with it. We can say from experience of visiting “senior stylists” at big chain salons, the title doesn’t necessarily guarantee the outcome. Check out our Q&A with Amy after the jump.

Do you require a certain amount of schooling or a license to become an apprentice or can you become one if you’ve worked in a salon long enough?

Yes you do need some education before you can challenge your exams. For myself, I did not take any cosmetology in high school, so I took a full length program at Marvel College.

Amy’s workcut & color
Do you continue to educate yourself in the hair world with additional classes outside the salon or do you focus strictly on hands-on work in the salon?

A mixture of both, but mostly it’s hands on in the salon. I have been to a number of classes so far. I am fortunate enough to have my continuing education paid for by my employer. There is always more to learn in this industry, so I feel it is very important to always continue with classes and shows throughout my career.

Amy’s work – special occasion
Do some hairdressers skip the apprentice stage or leave that label off when they first start in a salon?

Totally! I think a number of new hairstylists do, for a few reasons: Many people shy away from going to apprentices, so they are able to get clients in their chair easier by applying a different label. Another reason I think some leave the label off is pricing, whether it be their boss or themselves, with a label as a junior or senior stylist, you are able to charge a lot more than an apprentice, however I can only speak for myself!

At what point are you no longer considered an apprentice? How many hours of hairstyling must you complete?

After you complete 1400 hours in the salon as an apprentice you are eligible to write a Journeymen Exam, also known as your apprenticeship exam. There is a written exam you can complete during your apprenticeship, and a practical exam you do after all your hours are completed.

What Do u want customers to know about what to expect when going to an apprentice stylist?

I want my potential clients to know that I am confident in what I am doing, I am not a fish out of water, and I am so passionate in this industry. I have received my proper training, and am still and will always be learning. If I am stuck or have any questions, I have a strong team of senior stylist that are able to assist me!

Does your salon guarantee your work?

Yes, most definitely!

Amy’s work – color, cut and feather extensions
As an apprentice your goal is to gain hands on experience yet people are sometimes hesitant to go to an inexperienced stylist, what would you say to these people in order to change their minds?

I started with my friends, doing their hair, and getting them to send me their friends and so on. However when it is a new client coming into the salon looking to book an appointment, I explain to them I am an apprentice but have been working at this shop for four and a half years and will take care of them to the best of my ability, and they have no need to worry. I am always very professional.

What are your price ranges and how much do they differ as opposed to a senior stylist?

My prices start at $20.00 for a kids cut and go up to $100.00 for a full head of color.

What would u consider your specialty?

Extensions! I personally wear permanent extensions and have for years, so I have lots of experience with them. I have done full heads, color placement and placement to thicken and add body to my friends and now am thrilled to be able to do them on clients.

Amy’s work – installation of Babe extensions, cut & color
What has been the biggest lesson you have learned so far in regards to your career in the salon world?

I have learned that there are endless opportunities, there are countless places you can go in this industry! I’ve learned that you will always be learning, and that is something that excites me and makes me so happy that I have chosen a career in the salon world.

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