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We recently got a request from a Mane Dish reader looking for a flat iron, here’s what she had to say:

I need a recommendation for a good hair straightener…for thick coarse hair, I have one but sometimes will just not straighten this S wave I have going on in the back now after having my son :-/
(also one that wont break the bank) thanks ladies :)

A big thanks to all the salons that gave their recommendations! Here’s what they had to say…

We are currently in love with a brand new iron called “one”. They are the same people that made chi and fhi, and have started a new company that makes really high end flat irons for a very reasonable price. The one I would recommend for her would be the prestige iron by one. It is a 1″ iron, that reaches 450 degrees. The prestige retails for $159, which to me is super reasonable for the quality of the iron (this is brand new technology) She should always work in one inch sections starting at the bottom and back of the head, working her way to the front. And always on 100% dry hair. Another good tip is to not touch the hair at all until it has had a chance to cool down, and to touch it minimally after it has been straightened, as the heat from the hands can destroy all the hard work. Scarves in the winter can also be a bit of a pain, as it will push the hair into the neck, which can cause some waviness from the heat. And she should always always use heat protection, these irons are smoking hot! Kevin Murphy makes a weightless heat shield called Damage Manager, which can protect up to 428 degrees. Hope this helps :)

We sell the Kadori Flat Irons. They’re Italian made, solid ceramic plates and a full ceramic heater which is really important because in order to have the most efficient heat transfer you have to have both the plates and heater ceramic. Most irons will have a metal heater and what happens is the metal heater has to work so much harder to heat the ceramic plates that it quickly shorts out and dies. We have’nt had one of these irons returned to the salon. They retail for $110 and come in a variety of colours and graphics.

And don’t forget, she will need to use a good straightening lotion for smoothness as well as protection. I suggest Align from REDKEN.

I have two suggestions…..The Chi flat iron is known for being a fabulous straightener and I have them on sale for $160.00 right now. I also have another one that goes up to 450 degrees and works very well and that one is only $100.00 I would suggest as well that if you are using flat irons this hot that it is best to get a flat iron spray with that….not only will it help to straighten your hair and help keep it that way but it will protect your hair from the heat of the flat iron so you get less breakage. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. :)

Ego and T3 are the best brands out there. They are the only ones I would go with. They are more expensive, but two year warrantee and are the best I have used. I haven’t really used any cheaper ones, just cause I need the good ones for my every day/all day use at the salon.

We have a great dannyco Iron for $99 and with all dannyco products comes with a 2 yr warranty. Heats up to 450 degrees I believe and has titanium infused ceramic plates. Makes for an even heat distribution and greater longevity for the plates.

If you have a suggestion, whether you’re a salon, hairstylist or client, please email us or leave your two cents in the comment section below

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