Get Blake Lively’s Fishtail Look

Blake Lively’s hair at the Green Lantern premier was one of our favorite fishtail hairstyles this year. It’s a messy, thrown together look that you could take from a formal wedding to a day on the beach (as long as you’re not planning on getting your hair wet:). It wasn’t the easiest hairstyle to execute, there’s a fine line between a messy hairstyle and a plain old mess, but for our first attempt we think it turned out okay. You’ll want to practice the regular fishbraid before you try this style and it takes a few times to get the braids in the right spot, but if you have some time to play around, read on to find out how we created this look.

Texturizing Spray (we used Got2b curl enhancer)
Bobby Pins
A decorative pin (for Blake’s style)
Small Elastics
Medium hold hairspray
Ribbon or tie to finish off the look

This look is easier to achieve if you start with a little wave in your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you can straighten it, spritz on some texturizing spray and scrunch to put a bit of wave into it. If your hair is stick straight, you can wear it in a braid or bun overnight with a bit of texturizing spray to add some wave and hold.

Give your hair a deep side part for this style, then grab the front hair just below the ear and pin it up just behind the ear with a couple bobby pins. If you have a fancy pin or barette you can put it on over the bobby pins now or at the end. Now bring all of your hair over to one side of your head (the same side as the bobby pins).

You’re going to create 2 fishtails, one should be a little smaller and start a little higher up. For directions on how to create a fishtail braid, check out Allure’s guide. For the sloppier style, alternate the thickness of pieces you weave, leave the pieces messy as you cross them over (as oppose to smoothing them out) and don’t tighten the braid too much.

I started the bigger braid below the bobby pins we just put in. You don’t want to see where the braid starts so make sure you grab the hair far enough back (almost near the nape of your neck). Be sure to grab strands of hair that are long enough so the braid will be the whole length of your hair. Follow the fishtail style and and secure the bottom of the braid with a small elastic.

This braid will start higher up and near the back of your head. Start with less hair because you want this braid to be smaller and you are going to add a bit of hair as you braid down your head (similar to how you pick up hair with a french braid). Start braiding following the fishtail style and as you braid down, grab a piece from the braid as well as a little bit of hair from the scalp right beneath the braid. This will help secure the length of the briad to your head as well as pick up some longer strands of hair so you can braid the entire length of your hair. Once you get near the bottom of your head, stop picking up new hair and braid the rest of the length. Use a small elastic to secure both braids together at the bottom.

Now it’s time to mess it up a bit. With each of the braids, use both of your hands to squish and rub the braid between your fingers. Pull on each side of the braid down the whole length to pull out some pieces a bit and make some weaves looser than others. Once you feel like the braids are messy enough, move onto the rest of your loose hair. Use a brush or your fingers to backcomb the hair and create some texture. Go as crazy or as tame as you want with this part.

Again, bring all your hair over to one side of your head. Leave the elastic around the two braids and use another elastic to secure the bottom of the braids and your loose hair together. You can use a piece of twine, ribbon or your own hair to wrap around the elastics and cover them up.

If you have shorter layers that can’t quite wrap around the back of your head, use some bobby pins to secure the hair up and under the back of your hair. Don’t worry about getting the hair smooth, the messier the better with this look. Just tease the hair a bit and move some pieces around to hide the pins. Use a medium hold hairspray all over or a strong hold one if you need it to last through the day and night.

This is definitely one of the harder styles to explain. We hope we’ve described the steps well enough but feel free to comment if anything is unclear. If you try this style out, send us your pics!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 8, 2011

    I love this hairstyle and you have explained it so perfectly! I can’t wait to try it!


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