Glamping/Camping Hairstyles

Glamping was a blast! We thought we’d follow up our post on Glamping Essentials (hair tips, tricks and products for camping/glamping) and share some of the hairstyles we sported for our trip. It took us a good 4 hours and a bit to get there, but the “Lake View Villa” at Pierce Lake in SASKATCHEWAN was definitely worth it!

Look achieved with Beach Wave w/ Buns Tutorial

The first night most of the girls had their fresh looking locks and I was not one to go without. I had made sure to wash and blow dry my hair the way I normally do (with a side bang and parted down the center) as soon as it was all dry, I twisted it into a low bun. This pre-planned hair move would allow me to have more of a wavy hair style throughout the trip; check out the Mane Dish how-to for this technique.

Katniss Braid

Surprisingly all of the girls managed to keep their hair looking fabulous over the long weekend. Some sported simple pony tails with a side bang, braids, long wavy locks attained by using the “pre-bun” method mentioned above or summer hats. A simple ball cap for around the campfire, multiple French braids and the oh so fun Katniss braid for daytime hair.

I also made sure to bring a single piece of lace (pictured below) and silk to tie in the hair for a unique looking head band. It’s always fun to change things up with your hair style and camping or glamping shouldn’t keep you from doing so. These multiple styles are also a great way to cover up your messy/greasy hair the outdoors almost always leaves you waking up to.

Be sure to check out the Mane Dish How-to tutorials for some of these styles and Happy Glamping!

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