Goody Spin Pin

I’ve always loved the look of an effortless bun pinned up at the crown of the head, but effortless was not the word I would use when trying to create that look with bobby pins or an elastic. Elastics I felt, ruined the sophistication of a bun and I just couldn’t rely on bobby pins to do their job. Too much movement and the hair would fall out of place, too much re-positioning would cause the pins to bend and I always had to check to make sure I didn’t have one sticking halfway out. I decided to take Goody’s new pin for a spin and see how it held up to the traditional bobby pin…..

The Goody Spin Pin sounded like an amazing product from the commercial. Does the work of 20 bobby pins? Sounds like the perfect tool for my hair. I found a pack of 2 at Save On Foods for about $7 (you can also find them at London Drugs). It seemed a little excessive in price but I’m pretty vain and will spend a little more money if it will help me be beautiful 😉

Definitely worth the cash. I have fairly thick, wavy, long hair and could get away with 1 pin holding my hair securely in place. It felt really snug when I twisted it in, you couldn’t really see the end of the pin and it didn’t feel like it was causing any damage to my hair.

Overall, I’d say go out and spend the $7 on this product. It’s the perfect tool to keep in your purse when you want to put your hair up in a jiffy and it beats having to take out 20 bobby pins when you want to let your hair down.

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