Hair Essentials for Glamping

The summer is finally here! All of your favorite television shows have come to a close until the fall and the time is NOW to start taking advantage of the outdoors! And since we only have 8 measly weeks of summer left, this long weekend is prime time to start your outdoor adventures! Whether you will be going out of town to camp or just relaxing at your summer cabin, this is the perfect weekend to start your “one with nature” adventure!

One of the most important things when planning a home away from home trip is packing! It’s essential to pack the right stuff and for those of you who end up taking the kitchen sink when you pack, I thought we could help you out with one of the most important packing items – HAIR ESSENTIALS!

A few of my friends (including myself) love to watch The “Real” Housewives and recently featured on The Housewives of Orange County was a camping trip the ladies had planned -but instead of actually roughing it (like most campers) they decided to do it as upscale – or glamorous as possible – which essentially brought about Glamour Camping (GLAMPING!).

I will be heading out this weekend to “glamp” with some friends and will be reporting back as to how the 4 days of outdoor hair adventure rolls out. By the end of it we will see if myself and some of the glampers could pull off 4 days of hair in the (almost) wild. Follow the link for a little list you may want to consult when packing for your glamping, camping or outdoor nature adventure, it should help keep your hair looking better for longer

1.Dry Shampoo- I will be packing my little go-to volumizing powder/dry shampoo bottle of Surface Push Style Powder. But any type of dry shampoo that you enjoy, a spritzer or even baby powder will be so helpful to keeping your mane from looking like a greasy mop (you can even make your own dry shampoo). It should also help add volume to your hair. (Check out our reviews of Tresemme’s Dry Shampoo & Oribe’s)

2.Wide tooth brush and short tooth comb. – The wide tooth brush will be great for getting out those little branches that you find tangled in your hair due to an unbenounced midnight excursion through thick shrub or a tipsy trip and roll down a small hidden ditch. The short tooth comb will be great for back combing and adding that bounce back to your dishevelled mane.

3. Water spritzer – for those of you who can’t make it to a washroom or washing facility and refuse to be seen in your morning bed head hair. Spray all over your head, it’s better to sport the wet look when camping then the wacky just fell down three flights of tree branches look. You can always blow dry it or let it air dry itself back to almost normal.

4. Headbands and ponytails – The hair life saver! It is imperative in the wilderness to always be carrying a ponytail or headband on you especially if you forgot your lucky fashionable go-to hat! Keep an elastic (the proper ponytail kind) or goody head band in your pocket or on your wrist or even on your bear spray canister while you walk through the forest. This rubber tool is your hair’s ultimate safety device!

5. HAT – (Fashionable) self explanatory. Cover a bit or cover it all! Do what you gotta do.

6. Digital camera – If you don’t have a large enough mirror to see around your head or feel a little eccentric bringing one camping – The go ahead and use your digital camera to take photos of your hair in the morning. This will give you a better look at your entire hair state and you can then decide if you are in need of the “wet look” to start your day.

7. Special Bar of Soap – Lush carries multipurpose bars that are life savers when camping. My favorite is the Squeaky Green Shampoo bar. You can use it in the shower or lake if need be, is made with rose, vanilla and fresh rosemary that will leave your hair clean and shiny and can also be used as a body wash or detergent for your clothes!

8. Sea Salt Spray – if you have curly unruly hair and want to tame it a bit after a few dunks in the lake, then be sure to bring a sea salt spray with you. Spritz it on once your emerge from the lake like the little mermaid and your hair is sopping wet, let it air dry and viola! You’ll have more of a beach wave look to your locks. If you don’t like sea salt sprays then any type of curl activating spray would help get that beachy look as well.

** Tip: If you know how to braid, that will also help keep your hair out of your way and looking great and it can also give you multiple looks with different braid styles. If you don’t have a natural curl to your hair, a braid on day 1 can help you achieve that “wavy” look on day 2 or 3. If you don’t know how to braid- consult the MANE DISH braiding posts for how-to tutorials! (Dutch Braid, Katniss Braid, Cornrow Braids, Braided Fringe, Cascading/Waterfall Braid & Blake Lively’s Fishtail Braid) These hairstyles for working out would also be great options for camping.

I know most lists consist of 10 or more must haves but since I’m only making a list of the essentials, I think these 8 will get you through just wonderfully and you’ll have extra room to pack those magnificent glamping/camping shoes and accessories! Haha 😉

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