Hair Regimes – On the Go Mom

Lea gets her hair done at Posh

I’m the most low maintenance girl when it comes to my hair. Even before I was a mom, it’s never been on the top of my ToDo list. Which is odd because I’m a product maniac and you can find anything you need for your hair on my shelf. You name it; straightening, curly, wavy, wet look, dry look, non greasy or full look. Any kind of cream or spray, I want to try. Then I get mad because my hair doesn’t look how it did when I left the salon or how celebrities look and I’m fully frustrated!

Waking up early in the morning and trying to get not only myself ready, but a 4 year old as well, doesn’t give me too much “glam time”. My usual look consists of washing/shampooing, blow drying and if I have time, I will flat iron it. I have thick hair and I LOVE using Davines “Relaxing Fluid”. Before I blow dry my hair and while it is still damp, I put a small size of it throughout my hair, roots first. I find it cuts down my blow drying time a bit. Once it’s dry I put in Schwarzkopf -got 2b line “smooth operator” satin drops. Whether I flat iron it or not I really find it smooths down any frizzies and just overall makes it soft. Every few days I will put in a tiny amount of Morrocan Oil and my hair always feels a teensy bit healthier. I only use it sparingly because with my hair, it gets greasy looking pretty fast. But my all time, MUST have product I use even the days I’m feeling lazy is my purple shampoo. I hate having bronzy or brass tones in my blonde so this is my magical tool in between salon visits. So far the most effective toning shampoo I’ve used is Quantum. Love it!

This all sounds like it takes a long time, but in reality I can get my hair done between 10- 15 minutes, which goes to show that even for a busy mom who hates doing her hair you can get it done in no time with the right products and hair care regiment :)

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