How to Convey a Hairstyle to your Stylist

We love hearing from our readers! We got this question from Rachael last week and we thought we’d ask 2 Edmonton salon owners their take on bringing pics in to convey the style you want

Hey there!
Im loving the blog! Im planning on going to flaunt for both my graduation hair style and a few weeks later a full cut. I was wondering if it would be really weird and embarrassing if i brought in some pictures. Im really picky and i just want them to understand what i mean.
What do you guys think?
Thanks Rachael


We obviously think hair pics are the bomb but here’s what Amy from Ponytails + Horseshoes and Pamela from Dandy Salon and Spa suggested:

Amy said:

Wow! Great question! I completely agree that bringing a picture for grad/wedding hair is always a good idea. It gives the stylist a very clear direction. As far as for a color/cut, it can be tricky. I feel if the stylist can do a very thorough consultation, a picture is not always needed. I personally have no issue with pictures for color and cut, but it is up to the stylist to decode and find out what about the picture is appealing to the client. Sometimes it is the feel, sometimes the person in the picture, and sometimes it is a very clear picture of what they want. As long as the stylist asks the right questions, pictures are a good inspiration for a look.

Pictures can be a great way to crawl inside the clients brain and understand how they see color! Everyone sees color so differently. What can be gold to one set of eyes is a beige or an ash to another set of eyes. So a picture can really help a stylist break this down. But again, with or without a picture, a stylist should be asking a million questions during a consultation to clarify and really get a good feel for what the client wants/needs and is going to suit their lifestyle. I hope this answers your question!

Pamela said:
Inspirational photos are awesome in my opinion! This gives your Stylist some direction in what pleases your eye and would make you happy. When it comes to cuts/colors, a photo is not always realistic but it does give your Stylist direction. If the cut/color is not realistic, it would be up to the Stylist to let you know what look is attainable with your hair density/texture, etc. I do believe photos are the best way to get on the same page and make your client happy J

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  1. Rebecca
    May 29, 2012

    Good advice from a great salon!


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