How-to Create a High Messy Bun

Obviously people have been wearing their hair in messy buns for a long time but when celebs start sporting them on the red carpet, that’s when it becomes a trend (like it’s never been done before). Geniuses they are! Geniuses!!! We do love the look for holiday hair and for more of a casual, beachy style leave those wisps around your neck and a little around your face. Check out the how-to vid after the jump and adjust to suit your style (mine is uber messy)

Some suggestions for a more casual, messy style than in the vid:

-to get some mess and volume, tease the hair around the hairline before you pull it into a pony -use your fingers instead of a brush to pull the hair into a high pony (don’t worry about getting it too neat)
-if you want a super slick style you could use a clean toothbrush to slick the fine hairs back
-if you don’t want the bun to be as big as hers, just smooth the pony out a little more after teasing it and use more pins to tack it down

Skip to 1:20 if you don’t want to listen to her talk about her Style organizer

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