How to Create a Messy Low-Do

This updo is perfect for any occasion, dress it up or dress it down! We’ve got the simple instructions so you can create this look on your own.Well…’ve asked for it and Patricia delivered! There was an overwhelming response to a picture we posted on Mane Dish of 4 hairstyles Patricia from Celebrity Hair Salon created (if you haven’t seen it, make sure you check it out here). All of her work is amazing (I can personally attest to that being one of her clients;) but you really loved this look and wanted to know how to create it.

Patricia was kind enough to recreate the updo along with step by step pictures, instructions and products she used. Of course we always recommend booking an appointment with her if you struggle a bit in the hair department or just want a polished look for a big day, but why not give it a try!

How to Loose up do’:

Step 1: Loosely curl hair.
Step 2: Backcomb the top of your hair.
Step 3: Gently section hair into four quadrants without pulling any of the backcombing out, and loop the two back sections into a knot.
Step 4: Tighten knot, and pin into place. This will be the base you will work around.

Step 5: Pin the loose pieces up. (Use your creativity and place the pieces whichever way you’d like. I like to leave the very ends out for a more relaxed feel.) Remember to keep the hair concentrated in the nape to achieve this look.
Step 6: Now grab the front sections and twist back.
Step 7: Pin into place
Step 8: Secure remaining loose pieces with pins. To detail your do’; pull certain ends out, or pull on areas of the hair you would like to see more relaxed.

I used Kevin Murphy’s Powder.Puff and Hair.Resort for this look. Both products are great for volume and texture. They give hair sexy movement with tons of hold without getting that hard “helmet” look.


Thank you soooo much Patricia for sharing your tricks of the trade for this look – our readers are going to love it!

To book an appointment with Patricia at Celebrity Hair Salon, you can call (780) 428-6192. You can also pick up all of the products listed at Celebrity Hair Salon.

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