How To Create an Afro

We love a big curly head of hair. Sponge rollers are definitely the way to go if you’re after a 70’s/Studio 54 type style. If you’re looking for more frizz, backcombing with a brush will help with that but otherwise follow her advice that we’ve printed after the video.

Another way to style your hair with these curls is to leave a portion of the hair above your ears straight.

It’s a little annoying to watch because it keeps blurring in and out, but you still get the just of if

She also added: To get the afro, separate the curls with your fingers, one ringlet at a time. Do not use a brush. You can use a pick if you have one but I’ve found fingers do the trick quite well. After pulling & separating each ringlet, use your entire hands, fingers spread open, at the base of your head, to fluff from the root out. Continue separating curls until you like the look. It will get bigger over time, and fall a little.

Send us your pics if you try it out, we’d love to see them :) Or if you’re a stylist and have any tips for achieving this look, let us know!

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