How to Create an Upside Down French Braid

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend we had in Edmonton! On Friday we shared some inspirational hairstyles around braids working their way into a bun. Our hot weather continues and I don’t know about you but my house is warm enough without turning on any styling tools.

I let my hair air dry and partially followed the tutorial on the upside down french braid to keep all my hair off the back of my neck for the day. Mine is a little more undone cuz I’m an undone kinda gal but you can make this style as messy or sleek as you like. Continue reading for the tutorial…


  • I skipped the mouse on this one and used my new favorite styling product: Kevin Murphy YOUNG.AGAIN to keep my hair smooth and tangle free while I braided.
  • also make sure your hair is completely dry – mine was a little damp when I started and the ends kind of got stuck together when I was trying to separate them for the braid.
  • stick to a regular french braid when trying this for the first time then move onto a dutch braid for a different take once you’re more comfortable with braiding upside down.
  • start the braid pretty tight to the nape of your neck – if you use too big and too loose of a braid from the beginning, the definition of the braid is kind of lost.
  • I stopped weaving hair into the braid around the top of my ears
  • once you put your hair into an elastic, you can pull at the braid a little to mess it up and make it a little looser

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