How to Create Victoria’s Secret Hair

I have to admit, as much as I want to hate Victoria’s Secret models, I can’t get enough of their hairstyle. Giselle Bundchen is definitely one of my favorite models and she is always my go-to gal when I’m looking for inspirational pictures for my hairdresser. In my humble opinion, I’ve perfected the sleeker, more voluminous, more polished version of the beach wave. Learn how to try it on your hair…..

Shoulder length hair or longer
Thermal Protector (Aveda Damage Control)
Volumizing Mousse
Blow Dryer
1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ Curling Iron
Light Hold Hair Spray

Spray on your thermal protecting product on towel dried hair and any type of product you may like to use for volume or hold.

Sectioning off your hair and blowdry it with a large round brush. This will add some volume to your hair, but polish it off so that the curling iron creates the movement as oppose to your natural wave or curl (if you have any). Try to leave a little bit of texture in the hair to help hold the curls we put in with the iron.
TIP: I leave my hair just the slightest bit damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. As long as it’s dry enough to get the wave out, letting the rest air dry allows me to keep a little bit of volume in it and not make my hair too smooth

Section off your hair again and start with your curling iron. Unlike the Beach Wave we want to go over each piece with the curling iron. Grab a decent amount of hair (depending on the thickness of your hair, 3-4″ section), hold your curling iron upside down (with the handle at the root) and wrap the hair around the iron without using the clamp. Start the curl about a 1/4 of the way down the strand and hold the hair in place for around 10 seconds. The bigger the chunk of hair, the longer you should keep the heat on it to give it enough time to reach the middle strands. TIP: on top of using Aveda Damage Control, I spray each dry section with CHI Thermal before using the curling iron. It feels sticky at first but the heat softens it up.


  1. Wrap the hair around the curling iron as oppose to using the clamp, this gives a fuller curl
  2. Start the curl closer to the roots on the bottom layers and further from the roots on the top
  3. Leave the bottom inch of the strands away from the curling iron so you can hold the hair as it heats
  4. Always curl the hair away from the face
  5. Try to position the hair so the strands end on top of the barrel and point towards the back of your head

Work through your hair in levels and spray each section with your favorite hairspray before you move onto the next (don’t use anything too stiff though).

When I get to the front section framing my face, I prefer to use a different technique to keep it a little softer. For this section I will use the clamp on my curling iron and continue to curl away from my face. I take an inch or two of the front hair on either side of my middle part and hold it vertically. Halfway up, I put the hair into the clamp and slowly glide the iron to the ends. TIP: don’t let the curling iron sit too long on the end of the strands when curling the front section, you don’t want a curl at the end, just a swoop

Once you’re done curling, give it an overall spray with a light hold hairspray and tousle the hair from the roots. I like to put my fingers right on the scalp and rub, like I am shampooing my hair. This messes up the strands enough to give it a little volume. If you get any messy pieces, just smooth it out with your fingers.

Now go make the sidewalk your runway :)


  1. Anonymous
    July 12, 2011

    Love the styling tips and having a place to review/rate Edmonton salons. Great job.

  2. Mane Dish Divas
    July 12, 2011

    Thanks so much! We’re glad you like it:)


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