How To: DIY Hair Combs

We did a lovely little “We Heart” feature this past Wednesday about hair combs & being the crafty little vixens we are, we made some of our own dang hair combs cuz that’s just how we roll!  Here they are, & please, be kind!;)


My task was to make a wicked hair comb out of items from the dollar store. I gotta say, I was more excited about this before I walked into my usual full-of-sweet-finds $store than I was 30 minutes later wandering the empty aisles. Out of all the items in there, I picked up a suede necklace and a place mat??? Random…I know. I cheated a little and used some lace I had lying around just to polish it off a bit. And for tools, all I needed was scissors, a glue gun and of course some wine….cuz momma needed some inspiration.

First thing I did was glue the lace onto the top of the comb, wrapping the ends to the back. I glued 3 suede strips to the back, wrapped them around to the front and braided them the length of the comb to then secure the ends to the back again with some glue. I sketched out my feathers on some paper first and then cut them out in the place-mat material once I had them perfected. I ended up doubling the place-mat material (because it was too sheer in just one layer) and using some of the leftover suede to create a spine for the feather. I glued one feather behind the braid and one in front and my hair comb was done!


I chose a Braided Comb & here is why:
The initial start up cost like anything is going to be a little expensive, especially if you’re doing this for one comb and you want to buy your embellishments from Michaels. But if you plan on making multiple designs then it is quite a reasonable price. This was a bit of a difficult task considering Michaels is the King of Craft and has everything you could imagine to be creative with. So after an hour in the store going back and forth, adding and  eliminating the fun goodies in my basket, I decided to narrow my choices down to what I would actually wear in my hair. I thought about flowers, and fun buttons or pins but I couldn’t actually picture myself sporting this look at family dinner this weekend or out on the town. I thought – What materials do I actually Like and would wear? I love Leather, I like a little pop of ribbon and a small embellishment. I then thought of the colour I am most obsessed with right now for fall and decided to make a Brown Leather BRAIDED hair comb with BRONZE sparkle embellishments. I made it in Black & Gold as well to be able to wear it with different outfits. I was terrified of this idea at first because I thought for sure it would look like a RAT tail, but I can say I am THANKFUL that it turned out the way I had hoped! The best part, with the velcro attachments you can interchange the looks from a brown braid to a black braid or any colour you prefer.

Here are my Michaels Product Spendatures:
-$4.99 For the mixed Leather package
$6.00 for the package of decorative flowers ( copper flower)
$2.00 for the Copper sparkle ribbon ( bought two packages -Gold & Copper)
-$4.00 Bond Glue
-$5.00 Velcro



How to Make:
1. Cut one large piece of leather and wrap the leather from one side of your head to the other to measure the length you need to cut for the final length of braid.
2. Cut your leather piece into 3 skinny strips
3. Braid the 3 strips into one braid

4. Cut the Velcro into small strips and put on one side of the comb and the other piece of Velcro on the back of the braid
5. At the end of the braid wrap with a piece of ribbon and put a bobbi pin behind the ribbon- glue together
6. You can glue a ribbon down the centre of the braid and a bow or flower at the top – glue whatever you like on the braid to add some pizzazz
7. place the braided Velcro piece on top of the Velcro comb and voila you have your braided hair comb!


So I decided to be all thrifty and head to the goodwill to see what I could find Jewelery wise for my combs. I am never disappointed when I shop at the thrift store and this trip was no different. I found some beautiful earring for 0.99 & 4 brooches for 3.99 each. Then I hit up the Dollarama for some combs & this weird clip thing I used to make an interesting decorative hair pic with one of the brooches. This little crafty project took me under 45 minutes and less than $20 to create 6 hair combs…so NOT too shabby in my opinion!






Here’s how I did it:

1. Cut some of the combs in half with heavy duty scissors, (I used gardening shears actually), then use a lighter to re-burn the remaining jagged plastic edges until they are even and smooth…please don’t burn yourselves!
2. Use pliers to remove the backs of the brooches and earring so that they are smooth
3. Use a hot glue gun to attach the jewelery to the comb
4. BAM! You’re done!

I really wasn’t into the butterfly combs, but my 5 year old cutie wanted them for her hair badly so I got them for her;)

My hair is far to fine to have held this decorative hair pic, those old school brooches are really heavy!  But I believe I will gift it to one of my besties who is blessed with luscious thick hair!

This DIY was so fun and we think you all should give it a try!   And don’t forget to send us photos of your creations  to post on the blog!  CHEERS EVERYONE & HAPPY THANKSGIVING (in Canada)

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