How to Get a Beach Wave with Buns

Who doesn’t love beach waves? They never quite look right if you have to put a lot of effort into them so this method is perfect. You don’t need much, just a blowdryer, brush and some of those old scrunchies you never use anymore;) Here’s how I go about getting the subtle beach wave look!


Wash Hair and spray with curl enhancing product of your choice (I use Panteen curl enhancer and It’s a 10 leave in conditioner). Comb through hair so that all of the product runs through hair and your hair is straight.


If you have bangs, blowdry /style them completely and then blowdry hair all over so your hair is lightly damp


Tie up half of your hair and blowdry the bottom half completely straight. Start twisting that bottom half into a bun and fasten it with a cloth hair tie (it won’t cut into the hair and leave a kink the way an elastic would).


Repeat this for the rest of your wet hair – depending on how much hair you have you may need more or less buns – I divide my hair into 3 sections and buns


Once your hair is cooled, you can start letting the bottom bun out and use your fingers to comb through the hair once. Repeat this with the rest of the buns.


Use your curling iron (1″ or 1 1/2″ barrel Iron) if there are any sections that need a little touching up or that you want more curl in. But the key is lose waves so make sure that they are not tight curls – if they are, run your fingers through them to loosen the curl (I had not used a curling iron here, these curls are from the buns)



Use some hairspray if you like and style to your preference


-when you blow dry your hair the heat opens up your hair follicles, so when your hair is warm, twist it into a bun – your hair will then start to cool down in the bun and this is the key to setting the curl in place
-twirling your curls can enhance them and hold the curl longer
-you can also use this technique to sleep on and take out in the morning – this can help hold and enhance the curl


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