How to Get a Big Messy Bun

My tiny bun before… big messy bun after

I recently got my haircut differently to give me more volume when I’m wearing it down. I love the cut but have found that with the layers being cut shorter, I’ve lost a lot of the bulk I had when I wore my hair up (which is a lot). I now have these tiny little buns sitting on top of my head so I had to figure out a different way of quickly throwing my hair up, but still keeping it full and stylish…

Normally I would just use one step to pull my hair up, twist it, wrap it and put an elastic around it. This takes a couple more steps but it’s still super fast and it’s well worth it.


Texture Spray – I use Oribe (my favorite)
Paddle Brush – I used this for backcombing as it just teased the hair a little bit, which was all I needed
Bobby Pins


While your hair is down, spray it with some texture spray, which will help with the backcombing and prevent the hair from slipping out of place

If you want volume around your face and don’t want the hair tightly pulled back, backcomb all around the hairline, leaving a veil of hair at the front alone. That way the hair that is seen when you pull the hair back is smooth and not too frizzed out from the backcombing.


Smooth the hair out a little and use your fingers to gently comb the hair into a high ponytail, being careful not to loose all the volume you just got from backcombing. Wrap an elastic around it.


Now you need to create some volume in that pony tail. Backcomb it with your paddle brush so that it isn’t laying flat. The more volume you want, the more you should backcomb.


Gently wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail, smoothing out any pieces that look too messy and use a couple bobby pins to secure. Using only 3 pins kept the volume in the bun while the backcombing and texture spray helped the hair stay in place.


If you want a bit more of a messy look, use your fingers to almost brush the hair around the face forward so you get some of the smaller wisps free. I also like to pull the hair on the sides of the head a bit to loosen them up and avoid that slicked back look.

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