How to Get a Mini Beehive Do’

I tried out the Kevin Murphy Texture Master spray (check out our review), which you can pick up at Ponytails + Horseshoes in Edmonton for $26, and wanted to try a quick little beehive since that’s the inspiration behind the spray. I’ve tried this style before by backcombing my hair at the crown but just couldn’t get the right fullness and shape. With the Texture Master spray in my hair, this style was a breeze, literally taking me 5 minutes to pin and put a scarf in. Check out the steps:


This is second day hair I had let air dry, so I ran big sections of hair through a 1-1/4″ curling iron.


I then used the Kevin Murphy Texture Master spray and followed the steps in the video, which you can watch here. Basically, I lifted my hair in sections around the top half of my head and lightly sprayed the product around my roots. I then spritzed some on my ends but for this style, I would wait until you pin it to texturize the curls.


Because I’m going for more volume at the crown of the head, I lifted up that section of hair and sprayed a bit more of the Kevin Murphy product there.


Starting about an inch or two back and leaving the face framing layers out, comb the crown section of your hair back, to get it smooth and create a bit of a bouffant. Then grab some hair from the sides (still leaving the face framing layers out) and gather it in the back with the hair from your crown.


Twist the hair you have gathered in your hands to one side and use a couple bobby pins to secure into place. The spray really helps it hold and I only used 2 bobby pins to make it feel really secure.


Tie a spring colored scarf around your head, placing it between the hair combed down around your face and the hair pulled back. You could also use a headband or pin the face framing layers back. Finish off with some Texture Master on the curls to give them a bit of volume.

This is a “mini” beehive – you could definitely add more volume to the crown area to go a little bolder. If you want to go for a bigger or more traditional beehive, check out this tutorial.

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