How To Get Liv Tyler’s Cornrow Braid

If you love the undercut but can’t commit to it, Liv Tyler’s braided faux-undercut style may be more your speed. Really you could do any type of french braid or twist where you’re picking up hair as you weave but Liv’s looks like a really wide cornrow.

A cornrow is basically a french braid but instead of weaving one strand of hair over then under the other two, you start with the outside strand going under the middle strand then over the other. You still pick hair up as you go and it’s actually quite easy if you understand the french braid. The result is a braid that pops out a bit more and is tighter because as you go, you’re picking up hair from directly below the braid. Check out the cornrow how-to vids after the jump…

We watched quite a few videos on creating the cornrow and a combo of these two seemed to get the point across the best :)

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