How To Get Ombre Hair Color

Everything you need to know about going ombre. What color works best for your hair, length, style and what to ask your stylist for.

Right along with bangs, hair color is another popular fall trend. Yesterday, Stacey from Charisma Salon taught us everything we need to know about bangs and the right way to have them cut. Today we are bringing you Pt. 3 and it’s all about the ombre color trend. Learn which colors & cuts it works best with as well as techniques that should be used.

Ombre/colour streaming have been really popular with our readers, have you had the opportunity to learn about or practice these techniques?
I LOVE THE OMBRE style. I’ve done it on a girl where we colored most of her hair red with copper at the end and it looked amazing. Great Lengths is coming out with an extension line that will have an Ombre style to the hair. It’s becoming more popular the more people see celebrities in magazines sporting it.

Make sure your stylist knows how to create the ombre look as the process is different than just sectioning hair in half and coloring the bottom a different from the top. The process is to take it in sections (the bigger the sections the more subtle the fade will be) then back comb the hair like crazy and bleach whatever ends you have left in the hand so that half of it is up and there is no solid line. Make sure a professional does this though.

What colours and lengths do you think the ombre style works best with?
I wouldn’t do it on chin length or shorter, when you have longer hair it’s easier to go from dark to light as you don’t really have much space to do it gradually when it’s short. It’s also cute on shoulder length hair if it’s big and layered.

What if someone wants to stay blond but loves this style?
Depends how blonde, I would take it a tad lighter—take the roots to a darker or a medium blonde and have it fade out to the light blonde on the ends. It’s hard to generalize though, because it depends on the client and the health of their hair. I would have to see the person to know the situation and what they were looking for.

What is the key to getting a natural Ombre or colour streaming look?
Techniques! and depending on how tightly you backcomb and where you start. Michelle Money from the Bachelor Pad had a softer, more blended/not as contrasting ombre look. On the other extreme, Drew Berrymore had really dark brown roots to quite light blonde ends.

Is there a specific technique a client should ask a stylists to use when going for the look of grown out highlights or colour?
Some stylists will try to do the ombre look with foils because they aren’t aware of the actual technique and when a client brings in a picture, it’s hard to know exactly how to execute it if they’ve never been taught how. It’s good to ask them if they know how to create the ombre color before you book an appointment.

Are there any other trends in colour you see coming up for fall and winter?

OMBRE is definitely big! a lot of hair styles have changed their foiling techniques, using colour on more foils and applying them to smaller sections will give it that natural-soft look. Stay away from the bold chunky look, it isn’t IN anymore. I really think the “natural” look will be sticking around.

Because I am super anal about the health of hair, what I LOVE doing for blondes with a full head of highlights who are getting a solid line of regrowth anyways, is to just do a solid color on the re-growth. It’s a technique I learned instead of doing foils over foils. I also love, for my beautiful blondes, to foil out a highlight and lowlight (or just a highlight), then paint in between the foils with a highlift color. So you end up being a solid blonde but are now a multi tonal blonde which looks way more rich and healthy. Also with this technique, you don’t need foils everytime. You can just come in to get your roots touched up with the high lift color. This saves your hair from the bleach and is less expensive so it saves your wallet too!
One of our Mavens had an appointment with Stacey at Charisma yesterday to get the Ombre look. Before and after photos are coming soon…

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