How-To Get Rihanna’s Tight Curls

We love Rihanna’s curly hair and have always loved those tight spiral curls on shoulder length hair. We found the perfect video to explain how to get this look. Follow the link to check it out…

Looks like the trick is to alternate the direction you wrap the hair around the barrel – one away from the face, the next towards. Here are our suggestions to improve on the technique shown in the video:

-take smaller sections on the bottom layers of the hair so that you get the same tight curls as you have on the top layers.
-we would also suggest a good texturizing spray like the Oribe to help give some grip to the curls.

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  1. Erynn Christie
    December 16, 2011

    con air has a great curling wand just like the one used in this video! You can but it at any drug store and its cost around $40-50! My friend / client has one and uses it to curl her hair like i do with the flat iron in half the time herself at home! The video show small sections to create ringlets but bigger sections will create a soft curl/ wavy pattern in no more than 10 min max!! I even borrowed it to test out this drugstore tool myself …. and i must say i was VERY IMPRESSED!!! It heats up fast, is easy to use and can create many versatile looks! I highly recommend it!


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