How To Get Vintage/Rockabilly Hair

We love this vintage inspired look and had to find out more! Read about which book she recommends for getting the look and colors she loves.

Krissy Dewalt

Edmontonians have a lot of style and we found one who rocks rockabilly. She has a vintage inspired do and gave us the dish on how to get it, including where to buy bright colored dyes, great how-to books on vintage hair styling and the best stylists in the city who can give you the look. Katrina from Mane Dish interviewed Krissy Dewalt of Edmonton to get the inside scoop. Read the interview after the jump…

I’ve heard of a trend called Rockabilly, is this what you would consider your style?
I find some people would call my style Rockabilly but I would say it’s more of a music fashion scene that started in the 50s when Elvis was big. I would say my style is more vintage with a twist. I listen to the rock a billy music and like it, I guess I could definitely fit the category of it. I would say that the rockabilly style is more of a rock and roll mixed with country style; now a days it’s a vintage retro with a bit of punk rock added to it. I prefer to call it vintage inspired!

What era would you say your style is based on?
I would say I live more of a retro 1920 -1960 lifestyle. I like to put a bit of it into my everyday. Like a 50s housewife, I stay home and take care of two kids, wear pin curls and bake cupcakes; and I do it all with great hair!

Are there different styles you prefer to do?

I like to do my hair in victory rolls and pin curls. There is a great book that can help anyone get this look, it’s called Vintage Hair Styling By Lorin Rennells. You can purchase it on Whyte Ave at Rowena.

Where do you go to get this look?
Well. I mostly do it myself. I have been styling my hair like this for 6 years and have learned how to do it myself. I get my hair dye from Mars and Venus on Whyte Ave. The Brand I use is called Manic Panic Semi Permanent. I usually colour it once a month. I have to bleach my hair out to almost white with Manic Bleach kit and then buy the coloured dye separately.

What colour have you dyed it?
Every couple months I like to change it up, Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Tourquiose,. The tourquise usually has to be touched up every couple weeks because it fades faster. The Pink can last a month.

Do you cut and style your own hair?
Actually I see a girl we went to school with; Sheena at Chrome Salon cuts my hair! I go to her to get my hair cut and Betty Bangs (really short bangs, like Betty Boop)

How do you keep hair healthy if you have to bleach it all the time?
I have naturally really porous hair that holds onto moisture so it doesn’t seem to get as dry as one would think. I also wash my hair every other day or even third day so that helps from drying it out.

How long does it take you to style/ curl your hair?

Retro styling takes a lot of work and an evening hair ritual . I put all of the pin sets in at night and leave them in my hair while I sleep, I actually learned a few Pin Curl techniques from my fiances grandmother. The mid 30 to 60s involve a lot of curl. ON average my everyday pin curls and finger waves take 15-20 min. When I first started the daily hair ritual it took between 45min to an hour to get used to the different styles.

Do you know of any hair stylists that would specialize in this style?

I do! I would definitely recommend David Bates at Dandy Salon. He’s Fantastic for the retro styling look!!!

What do you love most about this style?
It’s easy to change and it’s easy to go from style to style, and once you get the hang of it it’s easy to get the pin curls process. I’ve been doing this for 6 years and plan on continuing to sport this style forever. it’s definitely become routine.

Is there a celebrity hair style that you idolize?
I noticed that Christina Agulera is doing a lot of great retro style right now with finger waves and pin curls. But I would say that Dita Von Teese would be my “celeb icon”.

I love this look on you! It suits you so well!
Thanks! I am a Busy mom with two kids and love keeping up with this style, especially because it lets me have a little bit of me time.

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