How to get the Katniss Braid from Hunger Games

If you’re into the whole Hunger Games craze and love you some Katniss, here’s a good tutorial for her braid. Even if you’re not into the movie, it’s a pretty sweet look that you could tweak to give it your own personality; make it looser, messier, change it to a two strand twist or a french braid – you get the idea 😉

The one thing I don’t think she explains very well in the video is that it’s like a french braid except instead of weaving the strands over one another, you want to weave them under. This gives the look of the braid popping up and being more defined.

skip to the 0:45 mark to begin the tutorial

Here is another take on the look using a french braid and tucking the ends under for more of a lowdo. Love us some Maegan!

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