How To Get the Perfect Bang

Everything you need to know about bangs! Tips for getting it right, how to deal with a cowlick and what to do if you hate your new bangs.

Fall seems to be a popular time to try bangs out but they can be a scary step to take. Stacey gave us tips on what to ask for, how they should be cut, managing bangs with a cowlick, best way to ease into them and techniques to grow them out should you hate them. Read all about bangs after the jump…

Bangs seem to be a popular fall style and one that I’ve been considering. What’s Key to getting the perfect bang?

What’s popular in bangs lately? It’s really your preference and depends on face shape. If you have a round face then you may want to go with bangs that are a bit longer at the ends rather than blunt. If you’re going to do bangs DO THEM! Don’t make it so that it looks like you were too scared to commit. The more dramatic the better. They are meant to be bold so if you half ass them, it can lead to stringy looking bangs…and you don’t want that!
I like all the different styles; blunt, side swept or long. I really love side bangs flipped out or curled into the hair, because it gives that soft and sexy look. When I cut them, I like to make sure that they have texture and that they’re not piecy or broom sticky at the ends. It also depends on your style, if you’re funky, the super straight blunt bang can look really cool. They can definitely make a statement and show off your style.

How can people who have a cowlick (like Lindsay Lohan) manage their bangs?

Don’t let the hair dry naturally or the cowlick will take over. Use a mouse or root boost on hair line or a couple sections in – just to help it hold the style. Then take a comb and pull the bangs down as you dry so they are forced to stay. It’s about the foundation, you have to start with them wet and get them to form. Once they’re dry and straight, then use round brush—don’t use it first or they’ll end up like grade 4 bangs 😉

We’ve tried bangs before and hated how they looked bulky on the sides, how can we avoid this next time? 

Have them cut in more of a U shape, if you leave the ends longer they will blend into the rest of the hair; square bangs will add bulk at the temples. If you start the bangs section from the end of the eyebrows in, that will help you avoid that bulkiness.


Bangs can be a scary step to take, if you hate them, they seem to take forever to grow out. What should we consider if we’re thinking of getting bangs?


Start with side bangs before going to ones that are straight across. I never do anything on my clients if it’s an impulsive decision. I make sure they’ve thought about it and if they seem worried I start with a side swept bang.

What should one do if they got bangs cut and they absolutely hate them?
Ask your stylist to break up the bottom so they aren’t so thick and heavy, this way they are easier to blend into the rest of the hair as they grow out. Texturizing techniques will also soften the ends so they aren’t bulky.

If you decide to get bangs, make sure they aren’t cut super short, it’s easier to come back and get complimentary bang trims to keep the length than it is to be stuck with really short ones.

Some people like to take cutting bangs into their own hands, how would you talk them out of this?

DON’T!!! It’s easy to end up cutting them too short. It takes a lot of experience to make them the right texture. If you are going to do it anyway make sure you take off less – do not try and cut off too much, you’ll be sorry. If you have to, trim enough off to tie you over until your next appointment but I don’t encourage it.

Any other trends you’re seeing for Fall 2011?

For hair color I would say warm tones, sun-kissed, honey, caramels… No ashy hair colours! I love the bob and I think that it can be for anyone, you just have to customize it for the person. Depending on what you are looking for in a bob you could go with a short and structured, long and soft like Carrie Bradshaw or try the Katie Holmes bob. If I were to cut off my hair I would definitely go for a long bob.

If you’re getting Fall Bangs, send us your before and after pics and be entered into our next contest. Details coming soon…

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