How to Get Volume with Pop Cans ….. or Beer Cans ;)

What a genius way to create large voluminous curls! I have velcro curlers this size that I use to sleep in when I got a perm in Junior High and regretted it the very next day. Don’t ask me why I got the perm or how I slept in them, I have no idea;) But pop cans are a cheap alternative to this and would help heat up the hair so it sets. Here’s how we would do it…..

1) Blowdry your hair using your favorite products, whatever they may be (volumizing mouse, smoothing serum…just as long as it’s not too heavy of a product) and a large round brush

2) Section the hair above your ears along the hairline into 3 sections

3) I would personally roll these three sections away from the face (I love the way the way the hair lays when I curl this way) but you could also curl the top-middle can away from your face and the two on either side – curl under

4) Wrap the section around the pop (or beer – whichever you have more of laying around;) and secure the ends to the base of your hair that’s wrapped around the can with either bobby pins or duckbill clips

5) Once you have all your hair in cans, blast each one with the blowdryer until the hair feels warm to the touch (don’t fry them). The aluminum can will also warm up and help distribute the heat.

6) Let the hair cool and set while you … breakfast, do your make-up, crack another beer – for curling purposes of course

7) Take all the pins or clips out, unwrap the hair and gentle tousle with your fingers. Finish it off with your favorite hairspray for hold

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  1. Ham Rexington
    November 29, 2011

    Where do you get the empty cans? I only buy bottles.


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