How to Get Volume

We think big sexy hair is a perfect accessory to any Halloween costume, not to mention any outfit. We’ve got tips from a self professed thin-haired gal, on how to get the most volume out of your hair, regardless of it’s texture. I’ve seen what she can create and this girl is a genius when it comes to backcombing :) Check out her how-to after the jump…

Get yourself a good backcombing brush or comb, I use a very fine bristled brush by Spornette. If you have freshly washed hair, make sure to take the time to properly blow dry. I like to use a spray mousse at the roots for extra lift, then I use a large round brush to blow out sections of my hair.

After it’s completely dry I part my hair where it’s gonna go that day and start at the top of my head by separating tiny sections of hair at a time, (the smaller the sections the more volume you’re gonna get), then using short strokes, backcomb starting at the root and work your way up the strand, I go up about halfway. Do this to your whole head, spraying with hairspray as u go. You will now look like a crazed cat woman, this is good. Next I sprinkle some of the Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Texture on my roots and rub that around a bit which gives you instant volume and crazy hold.

I then gently smooth down the mess with my brush, being careful not to fully brush out all my hard work. After I’ve smoothed my hair and it all looks even, no weird bumpy rats nests anywhere, I use a straightener on my ends to finish the look. You can then spritz with a smoothing spray, another hit of hairspray for extra hold and Voila, you got Volume!

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