How to Give Straight Hair Natural Looking Curls & Waves

top to bottom, left to right: straight hair I would start with,
Bouncy Belle (large), Lucy Locks (medium), Twisted Tallulah (small)

When we first saw the video for Twiddle Stics we thought they looked like such a fun styling tool but wondered if it would really be any faster or better than our good old curling irons. The sticks quickly proved our thinking wrong and made us never doubt them again…pretty powerful sticks if you ask us;) Check out our reviews and thoughts on the Twiddle Stics…

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-you can position the hair around the sticks and get it right before any heat touches it
-you can focus the heat exactly where you want it (ie: just curling the ends even though the top hair is wrapped around the stick)
-Twiddle Stics are much faster – with a curling iron, I usually have to hold it for quite a few seconds and sometimes find the curl on the bottom layers is falling out by the time I get to the top. With Twiddle Stics, you literally just run the flat iron over an area once and the curl sticks (due to their patented technology that pulls heat away from the hair). If you’re taking bigger sections of hair, it obviously takes a little longer to heat the section, but still much faster than a curling iron.
-Twiddle Stic curls last – I wasn’t afraid to play with my hair after it was curled, in fact, the more I played with it, the bigger my hair got. When I use a curling iron, I have to let it set, spray it and not play with it too much or the curls will fall out.
-you get two different sizes with one stick because you can flip it around and use either side


-I always started with slightly straightened hair, it didn’t have to be frizz free and using a round brush to blowdry the hair straight first, didn’t make it harder for the curls to stick
-I sprayed a heat protector on each section of hair before curling
-I always wrapped away from my face
-I wrapped the hair down the stick so that it wasn’t sitting on top of itself
-I held the bottom of the hair to the stick with one hand and used the flat iron with the other
-I rolled the stick away from my head while the flat iron was clamped down and would work my way down the stick with the flat iron
-If you’re doing it on yourself, you’ll use the flat iron more in front of your body and almost push it away from your head as you’re heating. If you’re a stylist, you’ll be holding the flat iron behind the client and pulling/rolling the stick and flat iron away from the head as you heat.
-I would pull the stick out from the top once I was done heating and just leave the curl until I was done my whole head
-once I was done, I would put my fingers at my roots and shake the hair out to separate the curls a bit and give it some volume
-curling the very ends without burning your fingers takes a bit of practice; get the flat iron as close to the ends as you can, let go of the hair and kind of shimmy the iron down and begin to twist the Twiddle Stic while the flat iron is clamped down.

TWISTED TALLULAH – smallest size

Before I shook & separated the curls
you can see where I took too big of
pieces on the bottom layers

I can imagine that professional hairstylists could do some really cool looks with this size but I just curled my whole head the same way I did the others. This style literally took 30 minutes, if not a little less (this was my third time using the sticks so I had gotten a little quicker). I should have been more consistent with the chunks of hair I wrapped around the stick; I started out with bigger chunks on the bottom and ended with small chunks on the top. Next time I would even that out. Because these curls are smaller and tighter, it took more work to separate them and I actually went in and pulled each set of curl onto smaller pieces and then would backcomb it a bit. The more I played with these curls, the better they got. I even had my hair pulled up for a bit and when I took it down, the curls were still going strong!

LUCY LOCKS – medium size

Before shaking curls out




I tried this size first, so the curls may reflect that a bit. I seriously was amazed when I shook my hair out after curling my whole head. I got big, beautiful curls that looked natural, stayed curled and I didn’t use one bit of product (except for a heat protection spray before I started). I loved that the curls weren’t stiff like a bad prom style. For my hair, I loved this size!

BOUNCY BELLE – biggest size

Before shaking curls out



This size is the closest to the big curling irons I normally use when I am touching up my waves or creating bombshell hair. I took fairly small chunks of hair to create this look but have also tried it to touch up my natural waves for which I took large sections of hair and wrapped it around the stick. It gave me more of a wave than a curl, which was perfect, it blended right in with my natural waves. I find when I try and do this with a curling iron, the pieces I touched up stand out from my waves and can look a little too “done”.

These are my curls the second day after I slept on them. I think they could have stayed bigger if I had done a couple things; I didn’t use hairspray, mouse or any type of hair product on the finished curls, had I done so, they probably would have lasted a little longer. I also just left my hair down and slept on it, If I would have wrapped it in a handkerchief or something, to prevent my big head from rolling all over them in the night, they again, probably would have lasted better.

Overall I am seriously in love with these Twiddle Stics. When I first tried them on a small section of hair I thought; why wouldn’t I just use my curling iron? But the real magic came in when you do your whole head and shake it out….aaannd when you get the hang of using them and get super quick…..aand when the curls last forever….and when you get tons of compliments….

We also tried the Twiddle Stics on some friends and family, here’s what they had to say:

I tried the smaller twiddle stic on both mine and my daughters hair. I was super impressed with how quickly the stic curled and how long the curls lasted! It took a few try’s to get the hang of using it in terms of keeping the ends wrapped around the stic without burning the tip of my finger, but once I got the technique down it never happened again. I did my whole head in under 20minutes and was able to keep the curls for 3 days:) My 4 year old daughter also wanted me to curl her hair, so I did, it took literally 5 minutes and she looked adorable!
Mel & Chloe

I had the middle size, Lucy Locks, used on my hair and it looked amazing, so much better than I’ve ever been able to achieve with a curling iron, or anyone else for that matter. The curls really did last and I wasn’t worried about them falling out by the end of the night.

The curls I got from the biggest size (Bouncy Belle) were amazing! They lasted way longer than when I use a curling iron and my whole head of hair was curled in such a short amount of time. Sometimes my thick hair can be hard to curl but not with these. Love them!

Love those Twiddle Stics! I just washed out the last of my Twiddle Stic curls today! That’s the longest curls have ever lasted in my hair!

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