How-To Make a Bow Headband

I have to say, Snooki’s headbands in the Italy season were about the only thing I liked about her style. But when I went out to look for a simple headband with an elegant bow on it, it was harder than I thought to find…so I made my own out of a old headband I had. Check out the steps to make your own…


a comfortable headband
ribbon or blanket binding
needle & thread
hot glue gun


Cut a piece of ribbon or blanket binding long enough to create the the two loops for both sides of the bow as well as some extra to wrap around the center of the bow


If you’re using blanket binding (my favorite to use), unfold it and iron the crease out of the center. You can use fray-stop or clear nail polish on the cut ends of the ribbon or binding if the material seems to fray easily.


Knot your thread, secure to ribbon and do a simple basting stitch on one end of your ribbon. You will pull this thread tight so that it causes the fabric to gather.


Fold the ribbon to the back side (so that the two wrong sides are together) and place the end of the ribbon to where you want the center of your bow to be. Move the end of the ribbon further from the fold to create a bigger bow and closer to the fold to create a smaller bow.

Create another basting stitch along the center of the bow, running the needle and thread through the end of the ribbon to secure the end of the bow to the center. Pull this thread tight again to gather the material.

You now have one half of your bow :)

Repeat this process for the other side making sure your second loop is the same size so that your bow looks even.


You will now wrap the remaining ribbon around the center of the bow to finish it off. Wrap it around once or twice to get the look you want. Create another basting stitch at the end of the ribbon which will gather the material and secure it to the back of the bow, in the center.


Once the end of the ribbon is secured to the back, stitch the thread in the same spot a couple times to knot it and secure the thread so it does not come loose. Cut the excess thread and ribbon off.


You can now secure the bow to the headband. I used a thread and needle to secure the bow to my fabric headband but you could also use glue. Hot-glue will secure it quickly but it is not as long lasting as a fabric glue or even a superglue.


Wear it with style 😉 Looks great with hair pulled up in a messy bun or even with worn down with polished curls, your choice.

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  1. Kate
    December 14, 2011

    It’s perfect because no one else with have one like it!


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