How To Make a Curling Wand

Got a drawer full of curling irons and aren’t sure if a curling wand is right for you? Try making your own in seconds with these simple steps.
If natural looking waves are what you’re after then a curling wand is your tool. Clamps on traditional curling irons tend to flatten curls, giving them an unnatural, stiff, prom-like look. I have a few different sizes of curling irons that work great but I never use the clamp on them anymore. You can leave the clamp attached and just wrap the hair around the barrel without using the clamp but I find that the clamp often leaves a bit of a ridge or line on my hair.

This is a simple way to remove the clamp, make use out of the styling tools you have at home and get the look of a curling wand without having to go out and buy one. Simply use the appropriate size of screwdriver for the screws in your curling iron and remove the screws from both sides of the clamp and the spring on the top. Voila! Homemade curling wand :)

Now you can follow the steps to in our Beachy Waves & Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Hair tutorials!

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