How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day Hair w/ Salon Front in Edmonton

Wedding Hair created by Sarah & Melissa @ Salon Front

We don’t know if it’s just us but wedding talk seems to be everywhere right now. I myself am a huge procrastinator which is why I’m sticking to a very small wedding, but for those of you recently engaged, even though your wedding is a year away, you really should start planning sooner than later. We got the chance to talk to Sarah, a stylist at Salon Front about trends in wedding hair and how to prepare for the big day…hair wise.

Do your stylists travel to brides in Edmonton on their wedding day?

Yes we don’t mind traveling the day of the wedding, I have done this many times and I always enjoy it. It ends up being more comfortable for the client because they are in their own environment. It keeps the stress levels on the other end of the scale. Besides, my sister and I have quite the knack for packing everything, usually including the kitchen sink! lol

Bridal Hair by Sarah & Melissa @ Salon Front
Are there any major trends you foresee for weddings this year?

So far its been more loose waves, chignon, and of course my favourite the 40’s style or some call it glam.

How would you suggest a bride go about choosing their wedding day hairstyle?

I always like to tell my brides to keep watch for pictures of hair they like even if its just a part of that style, for example the fringe on one and the way the hair is curled in another, the more imagery they have the less chance there is for mis-communication.

Bridal Hair by Sarah & Melissa @ Salon Front
What’s the key to having a fashion forward hairstyle but not regretting it when you look at your wedding photos 10 years from now?

To make sure that it is something that they like….not mom or mother-in-law, THEM, it’s their wedding and they have to enjoy their pictures, that’s the most important.

What should a bride do if she’s not completely happy with her trial wedding style? 
To book again for sure. Sometimes its a good idea to let the stylist have a chance to get to know your hair a little. I know it sounds weird, but to also take pictures of the finished style from all angles, we often don’t see what everyone else sees when we look at ourselves in the mirror, then you have a reference for the day of. I one time had a bride that didn’t know what she wanted exactly and had a hard time picturing styles on herself, she came in for 5 different trials, it was great. She took pictures of all five and we ended up piecing together her ultimate look. She loved it.

Bridal Hair by Sarah & Melissa @ Salon Front

What type of hair should a bride come to you with on the big day? washed, unwashed, products, no products?
Washed the day before and if there is product to make sure its nothing crunchy. A lot of the time if the hair is washed that morning it will be limp , even though the hair may feel dry, on the inside of the strands of hair there is still a lot of moisture. This moisture really posses a lot of problems when trying to set the hair.

What’s the biggest mistake you think a bride can make with her wedding hair?
To get something that she doesn’t love and feel comfortable in. It’s her day she needs to feel like the most beautiful lady out there.

Do you have any suggestions for keeping the hairstyle fresh throughout the big day or fixing mishaps when her stylist isn’t there?
I always send my brides with a little just-in-case package of hair pins and bobby pins. It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of hairspray around as well.

What would you suggest a bride or bridesmaids do with their hair at the end of the night to somewhat salvage the style for an early morning gift opening?

To sleep on a satin pillowcase is always a good idea. The hair slips around on them instead of a cotton one which the hair tends to get caught up on.

Are there any special bride services your salon offers or specializes in?

We offer snacks and champagne and orange juice to our parties, and we tend to do a lot of the 40’s styles that beautiful thing called glam.

Bridal Hair by Melissa @ Salon Front

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