How to Use a Pillow Case for Frizz Free Curls

I have wavy hair but I still get the concept of the less you play with it, the less frizz you’ll get. If you’ve got curly hair and are a wash your hair at night gal, try this little tip for keeping your hair undisturbed throughout your sleep…

After you shower at night, apply your favorite frizz fighting products, whether that be a mouse, gel or serum. Do not towel dry as we learned from The Curly Girl Method, terry cloth seems to induce frizz. Instead, flip your head over and drop your hair into a cotton pillow case. Wrap the pillow case around your hair doing your best not to twist the hair with it. Gather the pillow case on top of your head and secure with clips.

Have a good sleep and the frizz free fairy will come to visit you and grant you beautiful curls in the morning :)

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