How To Use Kevin Murphy Shimmer Bug

We love showcasing the work of local salons on Mane Dish and thought it would be fun to feature certain looks sent to us throughout the week and have the stylist answer some questions about their look.

We know there are so many products out there and when you find your favourite you are most likely devoted to it for it’s product life cycle. The Kevin Murphy brand of products is that kind of line. Most people who try any one of KM’s products absolutely Loves it! So when we heard of their new product The Kevin Murphy Shimmer Bug and SAW what it did, we just had to find out more about it! Earlier this week we posted a photo that Ponytails & Horseshoes submitted of  a clients hair they used the shimmer bug on and asked them to enlighten us on this product and their look!…












Q: Does the shimmer bug actually colour your hair with gold highlights? Would this work on any hair colour/type?
A:  It is most visible on dark hair, you will see a light gold shimmery highlight.You won’t get quite the same effect on light hair, but it will add a lovely sunkissed sheen to wherever applied.

Q: Is it permanent ? How long does the colour/ highlights last and will it fade?
A: Shimmer Bug is a temporary way to highlight the hair. It is like hair makeup, and will wash out with a quick shampoo.

Q: Would applying the shimmer bug require a professional/stylist? or is it a DIY take home product? oh and is it a messy application?
A: It is a take home product that can be applied by anyone. Kevin also makes the Bugs in other colours (purple, pink, coral, white, and neon) to add a bit of fun for the day/night. Much like makeup, the more you rub/touch it, the more it will fade. It is not a super messy application, but it may fall a bit during the application as it is the texture of eyeshadow. We recommend covering the shoulders with a towel during application

Q: What is the price of this product ? Would you advise other KM products to be used with the shimmer bug ?
A: It does work best with Kevin.Murphy products. You would to apply a product to the hair as a primer for the Bug to stick to. Generally, the stickier the product underneath, the brighter the result. The Kevin.Murphy Color.Bugs retail for $20.

Shimmer Bug:



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