How To Use Wave Clips

Left: after first try when I tousled too much then had to smooth strands out
Right: after trying again and re-positioning the clips – no curling iron used

As we mentioned earlier this week, we picked up some Kevin Murphy Wave Clips from Dandy Salon Spa and had one of their stylists (and KM key educator), Jamie, explain how to use them. We gave them a try for the first time last night and were able to create a couple different looks through trial and error…


Kevin Murphy Wave Clips – $3.50/each at Dandy Salon – I bought 10 for my long hair which was about the right amount (I could probably get away with 8)
Volumizing Mousse – Jamie suggested the KM Body Builder Mousse – I used what I had handy which was some Fructis Body Boost Mousse


Start with dry hair and add a bit of mouse only to the section you are working on. I clipped the bottom sections first (your mousse will make the hair damp enough for the waves to stick)

I added mousse to all my hair, then it was dry by the time I got to the top sections :(

I know it looks like a mess
but it did turn out

Grab a chunk of hair and position the clip with at least 2-3 inches of hair out the bottom. I have long hair and I only needed 1 clip for the length of each chunk. The bottom layers you can position the clip a little lower so you will see the waves peeking out beneath the top layers. Also be sure to position the clip so that when it closes, your hair will be coming out the back side of the clip, not the front.

the first time I tried this, I put 2 clips in per length of my hair and it just didn’t look right, too krimpy or something – leaving a couple inches of the ends out gives it a more natural look


I found that it helped to spread the ends out a bit so that all your hair isn’t jammed in the middle of the clip. This lets the heat hit each strand and you get a more defined wave.


Repeat this process until your whole head is done.

I left the shorter face framing layers out


Now it’s time to blast them with the blowdryer for a few minutes. The clips seemed to slip a little in my hair so I grabbed onto the strands hanging out the bottom and lifted each one so I could get at the front and back side with my blowdryer.

these are the waves right out
of the clip, no styling yet

Give them time to cool (once the clips and hair no longer feel warm) and take the clips out


You don’t want to tousle these waves, it ends up making a messy, krimpy style. Instead I found using a little pomade to rub over sections helped to separate the waves a little and relax ones that were too defined.

If there are any sections that didn’t turn out great, just pop a clip back in and blast it with the blowdryer. I was really surprised at how little time it took these waves to set.


  1. Stacy
    December 9, 2011

    I don’t know how I feel about these clips? Seems like you could get the same look with a 3 barrel curling iron without all the product/blow drying?

  2. Mane Dish
    December 10, 2011

    I haven’t tried a 3 barrel curling iron but I would think these are much cheaper and they are actually pretty easy and quick to use.

    I know when I curl my hair, it takes at least 30 mins to get each section and hold it in place while it heats. With these you just clip them in, blowdry them for maybe 5 mins and then you can do your makeup while they set.

    I guess it’s a personal preference :)

  3. bella
    January 5, 2013

    looks much more natural than with a triple waver! they usually have too small barrels to get this look! I really like these!


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