How to Wear Clip-In Bangs

We really wanted to give clip in bangs a try and decided to pick some up from Images & Shades. We actually got the wrong color to match any of our blonds so we did our best to find a candidate without dying this set – having them blonder than our model’s hair help you see where the bangs start…so ya, we actually did that on purpose 😉 There are several ways to get them to blend a bit better but we couldn’t wait so these are pics with the bangs straight out of the package and with a little at-home trimming. Here’s a handy video to create a natural look with clip in bangs. And below you can read about our experience with them.

Here are a few tips and some info on the clip in bangs:

We purchased these clip in bangs from Images & Shades in Edmonton for $27.

Bangs before trimming

Take your time choosing the right color at the store – you can’t return these (which makes sense, I wouldn’t want to get a pair of bangs someone had worn all night then returned) but they are made from real hair so you can get your stylist to color them if you can’t find a perfect match.
Wash them – you’ll notice in the pictures, the clip in hair looks a little shiny. If you wash these a couple times it will help take away some of that sheen to give it a more natural look (this technique is also helpful for those too shiny synthetic wigs)
Get them professionally trimmed at your next appointment – your hairstylist will be able to cut them to the right length, texturize and blend them.
Section before you clip – these clip in with little combs at the top of the bangs and a couple on the sides. You’ll want to clip these in near the middle of the top of your head so move the hair behind that out of the way so you don’t get any hair from the back of your head clipped under the bangs. Having a little hair fall forward will help the bangs blend.
Match the texture of the clip in bangs – they are obviously going to be stick straight bangs so make sure your hair matches that and use some styling products once they’re clipped in to give them texture (we left our model’s hair wavy so you could see where the bangs stopped and started)
Accessorize – sometimes regardless of how close you get the color and how well they’re trimmed, the line of where they stop and start is obvious (I can usually spot them on celebs – maybe because they have 50 camera flashes lighting up their head). Using a headband or scarf will help blur that line.

We’re going to give another pair of these a try and match the color a little better from the start. For $27 you can’t really go wrong and it’s better than chopping off your hair only to realize for the 10th time that bangs don’t suit you 😉

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