How to Wear Clip-In Extensions

After deciding glue in/loop in/weave in extensions weren’t for me, I bought a package of clip in extensions. The box had 7 pieces and were probably a good 3 inches longer than my actual hair. I paid around $200 at Images and Shades and after wearing them a couple times, I don’t think they’re the best quality as they seem to tangle easily, but they serve their purpose as a “once and a while” hairstyle (Stacy from Charisma Hair Salon in Edmonton explained to us why some extensions tangle under question #2). I got them home and realized I had no idea how to clip them in properly or where to position the different wefts so I brought them into Celebrity Hair Salonand had hairstylist Patricia shared some tips with me. Here are some of hers as well as some tips we’ve researched:

  1. Bring them to your hairstylist so they can trim up the ends and blend them – straight out of the box, the ends are a little scraggly so she was able to clean them up and blend them with my layers.
  2. Wash the extensions before you wear them – they have a coating on them that yes, makes them sleek, but also makes it hard for curl to stick (I just used my regular shampoo and conditioner on them)
  3. Take the time to play around with where you want each piece to go – even after she trimmed and blended them, I was still able to move them around to get the fullness where I wanted it
  4. When clipping them in, section the hair off, tease the area you’re clipping them into and even add a little product – this will help them stay in place. My hairstylist suggested the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff which is a sort of volumizing powder that creates a bit of stickiness (we’ve also tried Oribe’s Texturizing Spray and Surface’s Push Powder), I ended up just using some hairspray on the roots.
  5. Curl them if you want them to blend better – I can still get away with wearing them straight but when I add some waves or curls you can’t even tell they’re in there.
  6. Preferably style the extensions before you clip them in – that way there will be less pulling on them. I ended up clipping them in before styling because I was creating bigger sections of waves that I wanted to be uniform. I also wrapped the hair around the barrel of the curling iron as oppose to clamping and moving it down the hair, so I avoided any pulling that way.
  7. Store them in Zip Lock bags – the box they come in is pretty big and awkward so to store them at home or when I’m travelling, I bundle them together, loosely wrap an elastic around the middle and fold them into a freezer bag.
  8. Protect them when heat styling – they are real hair and prone to getting fried by your flat iron. I gave mine a good spray with a heat protector after washing them for the first time and lightly spritz them before using a curling or flat iron on them.
  9. Wash them every 5-6 times you wear them – they obviously don’t have the oils from your scalp making them dirty as quickly as your own hair but you’ll still need to wash out product build-up, smoke and sweat. You can gently wash them in the sink using a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Preferably lay them flat on a towel to dry but you can use your blowdryer on a low setting if you’re in a rush.
  10. Replace them periodically – how often you need to replace them will depend on how often you wear them and how you treat them. You’ll know when it’s time, just as you know when it’s time to get a trim 😉

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