Last Minute New Years Hair!

The “Beehive” has been a staple hairstyle for over 51 years now and it just doesn’t seem to get old!   Margaret Vinci Heldt originally created the look when she was asked by Modern Beauty Salon Magazine to “mark the new decade” with an original hairstyle.  And did she ever, there are so many versions of the Beehive kickin’ around that there is bound to be something for everybody!  Keeping this timeless style in mind and seeing as New Years Eve is tomorrow, we thought we would give those of you who don’t already know a how to on creating the iconic style.


Get your tools ready!  I’ve heard of using a loofa wrapped in fabric to make your “hair rat”, which is the bundle of material used as a filler to give the height of the hive, but I did’nt have one so I used a clean kitchen scrubber wrapped in a sock…just call me Magruber;)   If you were to use the loofa you would get a way bigger bump, so my version would be better if you wanted a more demure beehive.  You will also need plenty of bobby pins, a good back combing brush and hairspray.  I never use my expensive hairspray for stuff like this, only the cheap, sticky stuff from the drug store.  Next, you wanna wrap that kitchen scrubber up in your sock.  Try to keep it nice and tidy looking, no lumps.
Bring a few inches of hair forward and just leave it there, then start back combing and spraying the back down towards the nape of your neck until you have enough to cover the rat, only about half way down.


Now, add the rat to your hair, place it right up under the back combed pieces and then cover it with that hair and pin it tight. Continue to cover it from every direction until the rat’s completely hidden.  Then start to pull the side pieces up and around nice and tight.
Now take the few inches of hair in front that you left out in step 3 and pull it back over the bump, I pinned mine under the bump to make a sleeker look.  I also left enough hair out still to create a side bang.  I then just sprayed again with hairspray and smoothed it out.

This look was so simple.  After I made my little rat friend it only took about 10 minutes.  It would look super cute if you added a scarf or sparkly headband too!  Happy Beehiving everyone!

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