How To Get Pastel Hair that Works for You

Thinking about trying the pastel hair trend? Find out which colors are hot, what will work best for you and how to try it if you’re not committed.

This week we decided to feature Fresh and Co. Salons and ask them a bit more about the pastel hair trend they were just featured in the Edmonton Journal for. Check out their great answers to find out how you can get this look and what they have to say about those at home ombre kits that are popping up :0

Q: How long have you been seeing this trend in your salon?

A: The past year we have seen a big push for more daring, vibrant colours. In the past we saw few pastels/unnatural colours come through, and when they did it was usually a streak of pink here, MAYBE a whole head of hot pink once in a blue moon. And the clients who went for these colours were considered more “punk” or “goth”.

Now with social norms shifting and being more accepting of pushing the limits with style and colour, it is not unusual to see a middle aged business woman come for a streak of purple or blue. Now just about anyone and everyone comes in for more daring colour, from neon green to grey we do it all! Another big shift is in the application. Instead of just a streak or the whole head, we now see a variety of ombres, dip dyes, bands and peekaboo’s.

Q: Does this trend work on any color and texture of hair?

A: No one should think they cannot pull off colour, it’s all about attitude and feeling comfortable in you’re own skin. Whether you have curly, straight, thick or fine, colours work on everyone. The trick is placement! As for achieving the look desired, some hair types just require more work than others. Obviously to get a pastel purple in black hair, a lot of work goes into lightening the hair safely and with minimal damage. For this reason we see a lot more blondes trying out colour because they already have the canvas. Typically blondes tend to lean towards lilacs and pinks, an “overtoned” look. Brunettes tend to lean towards more blues and turquoise, although with the coming fall we anticipate more blues and greens.

Q: Which pastel color has been the most popular?

A: Currently the two biggest colours are pastel purple (lilac) and pastel pink. However, with fall coming we will see a lot more jades, turquoise and blue shades coming in. “Mermaid Hair” is definitely helping greens and blues loose their bad hair reps. Previously when we think blue or green hair we think muddy, blonde-gone-wrong, messy colour. But with more celebrities rocking the more soft, beachy, mermaid-esque blues and greens it will definitely catch on.

Pastels will probably continue to dominate this summer, but come fall after everyone has had a little taste of colour, we expect the colour veterans to come in wanting MORE! Everyone starts off small, but colour is addictive and we expect much more creative colour combinations and some different applications come fall.

Pastels are good for summer, with the sun and heat the fade will be less noticeable. But the winter is perfect for bright, exciting colour as it won’t fade as fast.

Q: What would you suggest for someone who loves the trend but wants to go a little more subtle or perhaps not as permanent?

A: For a more subtle, less permanent shot of colour we suggest trying a peekaboo streak of colour. A stylist can place it in a way that it is easy to hide, but can be styled to show when you want it to. Dip dyes are huge right now because they are so easy to get rid of, an easy cut or small amount of colour can take you back to your usual ‘do.

This seasons ombre is getting a punch of colour as well, with many clients wanting to keep the carefree look but something to spice it up a bit. Colours like teal, jade and lilac are big with ombre-rians.

Extensions are bigger than ever, once again the “mermaid hair” trend is making long, beachy hair a must have for his season. A shot of colour in a clip-in/weave-in/tape-in extension is a good way to test drive a colour without much commitment or damage.
The one big thing to avoid are home bleach kits. Its a tempting salon alternative. A cheap, easy way to get your hair colour ready at home, but be warned! We see the horror stories everyday, especially with dip dyes becoming so popular. NEVER bleach your hair with these, even the ones that claim to be “ammonia free” are never as “safe” as they claim. We have seen hair that’s fallen out, melted off, turned every colour under the sun and left the hair damaged beyond even the most skilled stylists aid.

Q: What’s the maintenance like for this color?

A: Definitely invest in a colour friendly shampoo, it will make a huge difference. Look for shampoos that are sulfate free if you can, avoid scrubbing the hair when you wash as you will loose more colour. Always wash with cold water, this will help keep the fading and bleeding down to a minimum. Try to go as long as possible between washes as well, invest in a dry shampoo to help stretch your time in between washes.

Thank you Sam, Chelsey and Hayley for your insight into this pastel trend! Contact Fresh & Co. Salons to book your appointment!


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