What Exactly is a Helix Cut?

Bye bye perms! Now you can cut curls into your hair with the Helix cutting technique. Find out how it works and who it works on.

As soon as we saw the first picture of this we had to read the caption twice. Add curl to to your hair with a cutting technique and skip the harsh chemicals? Sounds amazing and looks even better. We had to know more so we asked Amy from Ponytails + Horseshoes to fill us in on what this Helix cutting technique is all about:

Helix cut by Ponytails + Horseshoes

What exactly is the Helix cutting system?  The Helix cutting system is a technique used with a specific shear that can create natural looking permanent curl in the hair. You use it to create “negative space” in the hair. When you cut down a tree, you make a small notch in the base to control the way it falls. The same can be said for this system, you can control the direction and flow of the hair. They call it the “green perm”, no chemicals required!

What hair types does this cut work best on?  This can work on any amount of hair or hair type.

How curly can hair get with this cut? What about for someone with stick straight hair? Depending on the natural texture and desired result, the curl will vary. But it will work even on the straightest of hair.

My hair has good natural wave on the bottom layers but tends to be straighter on the top layers, could the Helix technique be used on just a portion of the hair? Absolutely! The Helix cutting system can be used to add curl to specific parts. It is great to even out already curly hair, as the amount of curl does tend to vary throughout the head.

What does the cut look like when it’s worn straight?  The cut is fine when it’s worn straight. There are no blunt cut lines, so it is very seamless, and would blend nicely if worn straight.

What is the maintenance like for this cut? Do you need touch ups/trims more frequently to keep the wave up? It requires no more maintenance than your regular haircut regiment.

How much does a Helix cut cost? Because it is such a specialized service (requires intense training and tools) and can potentially take a bit longer than a regular haircut, we charge anywhere from $90- $135.

Thanks for the info Amy! Give Ponytails + Horseshoes a call today to book an appointment for your Helix cut! (780) 433-9922

Helix cut by Amy

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