Olive Oil & Honey Masque Review

Well I decided not to do the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar for a rinse after my hot oil treatment last night. Only because I’ve used those two ingredients before and I know they work great for getting rid of build up so I wanted to see what the oil and honey did on their own for my dry scalp. I’m pretty impressed with this cheap, homemade treatment…


-I doubled the recipe and would have quadrupled it if I wanted to apply the mixture to the rest of my hair but I was just concentrating on the scalp this time
-using a brush for applying dye made it a lot less messy to apply to my scalp and I used the rat-tail end to create parts down my head and apply the mixture directly to the scalp
-I did keep a hot towel wrapped around my head the entire time and the towel did stick to my hair a bit when I went to take it off – nothing major though
-I left it on way longer than the 30 minutes (probably closer to 90 mins) but it was all good
-I’m trying to get away from shampooing my hair twice before conditioner as I think that’s what caused my dry scalp in the first place – but this mixture needed two shampoos to get it all out. I just tried not to scrub my scalp and get more of the hair. Then I conditioned with my regular conditioner


I could tell as soon as I stepped out of the shower that this home remedy helped my dry scalp. Overall my scalp finally feels normal, not tight and itchy. There are a couple spots that were a little worse than others before this treatment, that still are a little dry but I’m sure if I gave this treatment a try again they would be cured. I may just try using a cotton pad and applying some olive oil to the spots overnight.

I also read after the fact that adding an egg white to the mixture can be effective too, for the scalp and hair. Maybe I’ll try that next time :)

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  1. Anonymous
    March 4, 2012

    I will try this for sure!!


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