Organizing your Hair Tools

PINTEREST. If you don’t know what this word is, you’ve been living under a rock & frankly I envy you. Pinterest is a website that allows you to browse through pages and pages of ideas, recipes, inspirations, general awesomeness & eventually will just eat up all your time. It’s super addicting, I end up “pinning” everything under the sun and never actually do anything productive with the ideas…until today! I decided to go through with a little project I saw and it actually turned out great, so I thought I would share my weekend organizational project with you:

My flat irons & curling irons usually lay around my counter or get shoved in the cabinet if I’m “cleaning” my bathroom, but not any more! I used simple PVC piping connectors and industrial strength velcro to provide a place to store my hair tools quickly & easily out of sight. It took 10 minutes and cost under $10!

Just cut the velcro to fit the PVC pipe, attach one side of the velcro to your bathroom cabinet door & the other side to the pipe. 2 pipes per door, the size of the pipe is determined by what size of hair tool you will be putting in it.

Then just place your Curling or Flat Iron in one pipe and the cord in the other and you’re done!

Thank You Pinterest, I really ought to put your ideas into action more often.

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