Product Review – ABBA Color Protection Shampoo & Conditioner

I bought three different brands of organic/vegan type shampoos the other day but decided to try ABBA’s Color Protection Shampoo & Conditioner first, mainly due to the coconut smell that filled my bathroom overnight. The shampoo has aloe vera & rosa canina but smells like almonds to me. The conditioner was the source of the coconut smell and also has wheat proteins and a FruitBio complex. Let’s see what they do for my hair…

I liked the shampoo right away, a little bit seemed to go a long way and it really felt like it was doing a good job of cleaning my scalp. Some natural/organic/vegan shampoos don’t feel like they’re cleaning since they leave out the harmful chemical, Ammonium/Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which causes suds in non-organic shampoos. I continued to like it once I got out of the shower – if a shampoo is too harsh, I can see dry, tight skin around my hairline, if it’s too gentle, I can see dead skin on my scalp that didn’t get exfoliated away, this one was just right. No signs of dryness, redness, buildup or irritation. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that.

I wasn’t as impressed with the conditioner right away, I was hoping for a strong coconut smell when I put it on but instead got a really strong orange/citrus smell, maybe because the scents are natural, not chemical based. Not a big deal, but you know that feeling when you put your conditioner on and immediately feel like you need more? Ya, this had that. Sometimes it’s just because your hair is soaking up all the good stuff and you can tell once you get out of the shower that it’s done it’s job, regardless of the silky feeling that was missing in the shower. It still helped to detangle but once I was out of the shower, my hair felt dry. It also got little tangles as I was blowdrying it and took a lot more effort to get it smooth and frizz-free. This conditioner was not a good one for me :(

I would definitely buy the shampoo again, gentle enough to not irritate but still got the job done getting rid of residue. 

Conditioner did smell amazing – like a clean citrus smell with a hint of coconut (my boyfriend said he could smell it when he walked in the house and I was upstairs in our ensuite bathroom!) – however it’s performance did not meet my expectations. It wasn’t thick enough to leave my strands silky – would not but again.

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